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Rebirth of the Juggernaut: Post Knee Reconstruction


Holy shit mate that is an anecdote and a half.



1 hour of shoveling snow wearing a 45lb vest

Notes: Nature keeps giving me conditioning opportunities.



GIANT SETS (SSB squat-box jump-reverse hyper)

SSB squats

Box jumps

Reverse hyper 230

Power clean-pull up circuit (no rest between round)
9 reps each
7 reps each
5 reps each

Notes: 3:45 between sets on the giant sets. Really like what I’ve come up with here. The hard rep numbers on the work up sets and the assistance work in between does a good job of fatiguing me and making light weight feel heavy, to the point that the back off set is a real challenge. Might throw in one more, as this workout clocks in at the 50 minute point. Glad to find a way to get the cleans in there; don’t want to lose what work I’ve put in.

Still no real drive to get up in the morning. Just gonna ride it out.

Woke up at 196.4. My caffeine consumption is way up. I notice that tends to happen when I drop fat.


My brain this morning definitely interpreted the above as one exercise, and I spent a good 2 minutes struggling to understand how such an exercise would even work.


Ima be that guy… how bout I throw poorly with my left. I always bust my athletes bits for asking if they can do girl pushups. I say you can do crappy pushups, wimpy pushups, lazy pushups, but they can’t call them girl pushups. Funny the look on their face when they realized they were insulting themselves by calling it that.

Just poking a little fun man!


Me too. I don’t like it… I think that I’ll still want that much when I go back to maintenance. I feel like I get eating pleasure from three things now a days. Morning breakfast is still big and tasty, coffee, and my evening shake. The rest is simply 1/4 filling a hungry stomach lol


@kdjohn No worries on that regard dude. My training is hard to capture in words many times, which is why I do the notes portion at the bottom. Glad you didn’t spend too long on it, haha.

@jackolee I thankfully seem to be able to switch it off once the weight gain begins again. You’ve got it right though; I just need SOMETHING to look forward to if it’s not food, and zero carb caffeine sources scratch that itch.


Get the SSB on your back. Jump on top of the reverse hyper. Then jump back down, ensuring you land with your feet in front of the reverse hyper pads. Do one rep of reverse hyper, then jump back out. Then call your wife to take you to hospital for your broken ankles.


I don’t necessarily desire the caffeine, but drinking something is better than nothing when my stomach is growling. I like the taste and warmth of coffee in the winter so it’s my go-to. I’ve heard the process to strip the caffeine for decaf doesn’t do anything good for us. And I figure the regular stuff is all good since it’s a (mostly) natural product.


I’m definitely not doing myself any good, since my go to is energy drinks and diet soda, haha. Never got into coffee.


I’ve done a good job of eliminating energy drinks. It’s mostly because I’m cheap. I get free fountain drinks and coffee from Quik Trip when I’m on duty. I start craving diet soda in the afternoons but I try to limit myself to just a couple a week…and they’re 32 oz.


Shoot, man. You are MISSING OUT. I had to stop drinking it, and I wish I didn’t, but I’ll be able to drink it soon enough. I’m thankful for that at least.


@liftangryordie500 I’m missing out on a LOT of things, haha. Also never got into recreational drugs or drinking. I keep things pretty plain.

@JMaier31 Big fan of diet fountain drinks. Part of what also makes me a big Taco Bell fan; fountain diet mountain dew, haha. I’ve gotten to make energy drinks cheap by switching to Rockstars, but man do they have a lot of caffeine.


Yeah…I miss nicotine but is sure is a trap. One cigarette is never enough. Doesn’t matter anyway, I’m never going back.


So I started a collection of marvel figurines. Think there’s 60 in total. They come every 2 weeks with a magazine of history for the character. Guess who pops in, non other than yourself… T3hPwnisher . Yeah I’m 37 years old lol


The real reason for hitting you up is this

What is your take on Mark Henry ?


Certainly one of the strongest humans to ever walk the planet. Reminds me of Paul Anderson; tons of strength without a lot of skill.

And nothing wrong with the Marvel figures. I’m currently at my work desk, where I have 2 Juggernauts and 1 Marvel Ares (God of War) figurine, along with 3 Punishers and 2 Fallout Bobbleheads. Gotta embrace what you are, haha.


I remember him from the wrestling but never knew about his strength record. Big lump of a guy.

Yeah peter pan’s, haha. Your desk sounds like mine I’ve everything Deadpool, Thor, Wolverine. I’m running out of room there’s actually 30 on my desk


Ya know, I think it would depend if he just means he’s bad at throwing with his left, or if he actually means his throwing style and pattern is different with his left. The biology behind it is really cool if your into that sort of thing, one of the biggest motor movement distinctions between the sexes.


Have you ever had Xyience? Name aside, I absolutely love them, more caffeine than monsters, better flavors (my opinion, but the tangerine is to die for), and cheaper to boot, I’m a big fan.

Also, anyone else first get to know mark henry from WWE and only later learn about his weightlifting prowess? For years growing up, he was just the big guy who would throw around John Cena, I had no idea he was a competitive lifter


@atlas13 I had a few Xyiences over the past week. I like them as a middle ground. The stuff I found was actually a little lighter in caffeine compared to mosters from what I had seen, but cheaper than those. Rockstars are stupid cheap though, haha. Also, I saw in the other thread you’re a poli-sci major and heading to San Diego, which I found pretty cool as someone that was born and raised in San Diego and was a poli-sci major way back when, haha. Hope you enjoy it. I miss it.

I knew about Mark Henry before wrestling, to the point that, when I heard there was a wrestler named Mark Henry, I assumed it was just a coincidence, haha. That said, long proud tradition of strongman going into wrestling. Kaz did the same thing.


Axle strict press
9x201 (lifetime PR)


Supersets w/20 band pull aparts each set

GIANT SETS (Axle strict press-dips-DB lateral raise)

Axle strict press 128


DB lateral raise 20lbs

DB hammer curl (no rest between sets)

Notes: 3:45 between heavy pressing, 2:00 between giant sets. The press is a lifetime PR for axles, and technically beats my best with a barbell by 1lb. Much better show than last week as well; just got my head on straight. My right shoulder keeps getting pissed off each time I do this workout, but I keep growing as well, so we know how that’s going to go.

Grabbed a photo of my sweet DnD t-shirt and post workout pump

Woke up at 195.4. this morning. Very gradual weight loss.