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Rebirth of the Juggernaut: Post Knee Reconstruction



Axle strict press

GIANT SETS (press-dip-lateral raise)

Axle strict press 123


Lateral raise 15lbs

DB hammer curl (no rest between sets)

Notes: 3:45 between heavy press sets, 2:00 between giant sets. Misgroved the topset of press, was going for 11 but it got in front of me. Made up for it on the 5x10. Otherwise, really pleased with how this turned out.

Woke up at 196.0. Light cheat meal today. Not feeling as deprived as usual.



(5) Texas Deadlift Bar Mat Pulls

SSB front squats (rest pause: 12 deep breaths between sets)

40 minutes of shoveling snow w/45lb weight vest

Notes: 1 more rep than last week on the deads. I’m feeling stronger each time. Really reaping the benefit of Deep Water moving into an intensification phase. Front squats were a solid choice with the SSB.

Right shoulder is pissed off from the shoveling.

No weigh in this morning.



Heavy bag boxing
10 rounds
2 minutes on, 30 seconds rest

Notes: Been reading through a book called “Championship Streetfighting: Boxing as a Martial Art” by Ned Beaumont, and it’s done a good job of opening my eyes to just how garbage my right straight is, so today I spent a LOT of time drilling the hell out of it. It paid off; first time in a LONG time I felt like I had thrown the punch with any conviction. Need to work on including that while making it part of a combo, but was still good to feel some solid power in it.

Next as much time/energy spent slipping or weaving; this was more about keeping power in the punches. Much more exhausting as a result. Per my usual protocol, I spent the 10th round punching for the full 2 minutes, going head-head-head-head-body-body-body-body repeat. Still exhausting.

Was great to be able to actually SEE the heavy bag. Still 2 more months before I’m cleared to take a punch to the head though.

No weigh in this morning.


Great work mate, I love the heavy bag work and know exactly what you mean about working on your straight (or cross).
There is a good website called Ross boxing or Ross training that has some good workouts and videos. Worth a look if you have time.


I guess I’ll just have to get back on the martial arts bandwagon. Next up: punching a plasterboard wall (bare knuckles) until I can’t. I’ll see if I can beat last session’s record :slightly_smiling_face:


@simo74 Thankis man. I remember Ross from back in the day. Always appreciate the material. I really need to get hit again sometime to see how much I really miss this, haha.

@liftangryordie500 When I was your age, I was doing kata with wrist and ankle weights, haha. Who knows; maybe that will make a comeback too.


Axle bench press 281

Close grip axle bench press 231

Swiss bar incline bench


Standing ab wheel between all sets of benching/varitions
3 for the first 2 rounds, 2 reps for the rest

Notes: 2:50 between sets of benching, 1:50 between sets of dips. Mrs and I are beat from shoveling snow all the goddamn time, so the alarm went off this morning for the workout and we both voted no. Still getting the most out of the PM workouts. Misload on the first set of swiss bar incline and it went better than expected. The ab wheel is getting easier. Really big fan of how this day goes.

Woke up at 197.4. Going to blame some of that on weekend bloat.


Is that your polite way of saying you are old like me !! Lol


Been foruming for a LONG time. Martial arts is what got me into forums in the first place, back when I was a Tae Kwon Do black belt and thought that meant something, haha.


I done some boxing years go, mostly the training and sparing. Not many fights, only a couple. I’m right handed as in I throw with my right, write with my right but my left arm is slightly bigger and stronger. It’s weird in a way. I was never any good at the boxing ha but just being there in the gym training was good enough. I love boxing never miss the big live fights. See AJ is heading to madison square garden vs big baby miller. I think AJ wins in the later rounds. Unless miller nails him early I think he will puff out.


Interesting. I got a feeling you were born left handed but your parents or whoever raised you “corrected” your handedness to the right hand


No I was always right handed growing up. I would throw stones with my right. I throw like a girl with my left. The left can do nothing really, can’t write or use it with any precision. Left is bigger and stronger like at arm wrestling I’d use left, or picking something up heavy. The bicep and tricep on left is much bigger. Weird.


@Rizla81 I have something similar to that, in that my left hand has a stronger grip than my right hand, for reasons I can’t quite figure out myself. Always have an easier time with the rolling thunder using my left, but my right is better on grippers.

Always wanted to have a boxing match, even just a smoker, but it never worked out while I was training. I got super into boxing and Muay Thai while I was in college, which would mean I’d spend half the year at one gym and half the year at another. Just couldn’t ever establish myself. DID do a pankration tournament in CA, which was like MMA without head strikes. It was fun, but limiting because of the ruleset.

I’ve fallen out of watching combat sports sadly. No idea who is a big name in boxing or MMA any more.


Not a big boxing/MMA fan or expert myself, but I’ve found these guys to be really entertaining to watch: Lomachenko for boxing and Khabib for MMA. Watch a couple of their fight highlights in YouTube. Lomachenko is just something else in the boxing world


I looked it up before and found it’s a common thing for an arm or leg to be bigger or thicker than the other. Not sure how much value the study was worth. It must be in the DNA lol

I watched a lot of Bruce Lee movies and wrestling when it was the ultimate warrior, hulk Hogan days when growing up. I was always fascinated by fighting. For a good few years I went off it all and also lost track of who was who. The last couple years I have got back into the boxing, not so much MMA. I have an app that keeps me updated on all the news and upcoming fights.

Do they have white collar boxing stateside ? My cousin had a fight down in the local social club a few years back. There wasn’t much training involved or any skills, it was like 2 random untrained people picked up off the street and put in a ring haha. 6 rounds… they were puffing by the second. Muay Thai is a tough sport. How did you find that style of training?


The US has “toughman” contests (or at least, did. Not sure if they’re around anymore) that were like that white collar thing. Just locals showing up with 16oz gloves whaling on each other. It’s how Butterbean got his start, and Phil Baroni made early appearances there too.

The Muay Thai I was doing was more just striking work for MMA, rather than training for the actual sport of Muay Thai. Training wasn’t too bad, but I’ve never been a very technical fighter. Always a slugger and a scrapper. Did enjoy the conditioning aspect of it though. Still prefer boxing though. Just always resonated with me.




I like the defensive game more, but also I’m just plain not mean enough to kick or knee someone in the face.


Same. Plus, I have short legs. Hard to reach heads when you’re short.


Does remind me of a funny story from my Tae Kwon Do days.

Went to a seminar with my instructor’s instructor. Dude was a hard edged 60 year old. I was a punk teenager. He said to me “Wanna see a 60 year old kick you in the head?” I said Yeah, because that sounded pretty cool.

He swept my leg out and kicked me in the head while I was on the ground.

Well played.


Me and a mate of mine when we were around 18-20 years old got really pissed on vodka and decided to head over to the traveling circus . These were crazy gipsy folk from god knows where. Anyway, the show had just started and we arrived at the ticket box. We were told not getting in because we were wasted. Well the mate starts mouthing and the next minute all these mad people appeared and beat us to a pulp with sticks and brushes. All I remember was lying on the ground watching my mate getting trailed around by little people, even the woman appeared and got the boots in.

I always say it took the strongman of the circus and a few gypsy cleaners to beat me, yet the mate got beat by a few midgets and a couple of old woman haha