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Rebirth of the Juggernaut: Post Knee Reconstruction


Call me conservative.

Just want this incredible log to continue.


@applesare Always appreciate the support dude.


1x22 double overhand
1x13 NG
1x11 double overhand

supserset w/

Lat pulldown 70

Bent over row 185

superset w/

Reverse hyper 180

EMOM power clean triples of 135 for 5 minutes

Kroc rows 105

Notes: 3:50 between sets. Liked this for a back day. Think I’ll play around with it some more. The similar movement supersets were a great way to get in a solid pump. Those clean triples should help me maintain the movement pattern.

Woke up at 196.2. Weight is coming off easy for now.



Axle strict press
12x181 (lifetime PR?)

Superset all sets w/20 band pull aparts


Axle strict press 123

5xFailure (Think it went 16, 13, 8, 8, 10)

DB lateral raise 15lbs

Hammer curl reverse strip set (pre-exhaust? Run the rack? What the hell would you call this? No rest between sets)

Notes: 3:50 rest between the topsets of the press, then 1:50 between sets of the giant sets. Helluva return to training after downtime; setting what I believe to be a lifetime PR for this weight. Coming into it from Deep Water, it’s interesting. The weight FEELS a lot heavier than it used to feel back when I trained with higher percentages, but I could still hit it for more reps. I imagine it’s a sign that my strength is built up but my ability to move heavy percentages has been reduced. Bodes well for how things will go after this run with some higher intensity stuff.

I’m happy with how this training day was set up, but I had the benefit of doing it without having to get ready for work. I’ll see if it’s viable with more time constraints.

Woke up at 196.2. Already looking leaner, which leads me to believe that most of my fluff was more bloat than anything else. Still, fitness test and Murph in March, being lighter will be good.


Holy shit…what a strict press.


Nice Pwn, as you said Deepwater have learned you to go high reps and beyond, So big strength improvement incoming. Well done.


You’re a monster mate. Good job


I cringe at the thought of this workout without the weight vest…

I suck at running.
Running sucks really bad after doing max effort AMRAP push ups.
I really suck at running.


@liftangryordie500 Thanks man. I’m excited about the possibilities. Think I got something good coming my way.

@mortdk Thanks dude. Deep Water definitely helped my mentality, but I think this is the manifestation of all of that accumulated volume as I reach intensification. I think I’ve got a sound idea of how to implement Deep Water for future off seasons now.

@simo74 Thanks!

@JMaier31 It’s an awful workout, haha. But a great way to honor a fallen hero.


(6) Texas deadlift bar mat pulls

Front squat/SSB squatn (no rest between sets)

Box jumps

Notes: Back to what has always worked. Mat pulls are a near lifetime PR, it not a legit lifetime PR. Again, feels heavy, but I have a LOT in me to deal with it. That squat workout was something I stole from Jon, and first time I tried front squatting with a SSB. It works AWESOME, and I don’t think I’ll need my front squat harness for anytime in the near future. Just worked up until I couldn’t, then worked back down.

Abs are still torn up from the ab wheel on Monday. Pretty crazy.

Woke up at 197.0. Also shoveled snow for about 2.5 hours today. We’ve been getting hit by some pretty intense storms. Good exercise, but I’m beat.


Do you ever have any plans to return to BtM? I’m running it again and after running majority of Deep Water, it’s a whole different animal. Trying to make it suck even more is definitely a lot more interesting than it was the first time through.

Also, I’m planning to hit it back to back, but the second run is going to be inverse so it’ll be 2 deadlift bench days and 1 squat press day. Just figured I’d pass along the suck


@oldbeancam I certainly haven’t ruled it out. As far as 3x week lifting goes, it’s pretty awesome, but 6x week training in total is a big demand for me right now. Curious to hear how your run with it goes.


Axle bench press 281

Close grip axle bench 226

Swiss bar incline bench 190


Standing ab wheel (performed between sets of pressing)

Notes: 3:20 between sets of pressing, 1:50 between sets of dips. On the final set of dips, I wrenched something in my upper right shoulder blade. Just being stupid and not taking the movement seriously. I can already feel it’s dorked up, so I’m putting some heat on it. Otherwise, very productive session. I’m enjoying having those standing ab wheels between sets. Good enough to get some stimulus without totally destroying me. Going to Hepburn them up, eventually getting all the way to 3s all the way around, then 4s, etc.

Warmed up by shoveling snow for 30 minutes.

No weigh in this morning.


A word of advice - I worked in a sports PT clinic for a few years, and one of the biggest no-no’s was applying heat to a recent injury like this. You want to ice it, to draw blood away from the affected area and reduce inflammation. Heat may feel good at the moment, but you’re drawing blood to the area and increasing inflammation. Ice it exclusively, several times a day.

Edit: just further info:


With it being -20 outside, I get enough ice, haha. I do appreciate the input. However, doing the right thing would greatly contrast with my approach of doing the stupidest thing possible at all times in an attempt to destroy my body.


On the contrary - it might mean you need MORE ice than anyone else, if your body is always cold. Either way, if ice is offputting in the polar nightmare you call home, you’d heal quicker if you just didn’t put anything on it. No worries though, do your thing.


Always appreciated man. Yeah, healing always ends up low on my priorities compared to functional. Heat might not cure me, but allows me to keep moving and train through it.

It is amazing how controversial ice has become as well. I read an article in MILO that talked about how they could find no real benefits to implementing it, and concluded to use it if you like to. People threw a bunch on my leg when my ACL blew up, and I got a bunch when I was going through physical therapy, but on my own never found much use.

But I am also always hurt and broken, so there is that, haha.


Are you planning to have your cake, and eat it too?


Its WD-40 oil you need on it… You are a machine mate. Some of them videos, the effort is kill or be killed. I’m just waiting for you to pass out one of these times lol


I did recently accuse him of being a cyborg. Also, greased axle power cleans.



@punnyguy Pretty sure I’d go into a diabetic coma, haha.

@Rizla81 Much appreciated dude! The secret to not passing out is to train in a sub freezing garage. Knowing that, if you pass out, you can die, is a good motivator, haha. Also, my first date was to that movie, which probably tells a lot about me…

@flappinit That sounds like something dumb enough for me to try, haha.



GIANT SETS (squats-jumps-reverse hypers)

Buffalo bar squats

Box jumps

Reverse hyper 200

Pull ups

Notes: 3:45 rest between sets. I’m just figuring out the squats as I go. It’s been like 2 months since I’ve had the buffalo bar on my back, and it shows. 320 felt like a million pounds on my back, and it kept sliding down as the set went on. Left knee was also pissed off once it was done. Shoulder mobility could stand to be better. It’s one of those were taking this squat out of my rotation makes my knee feel better, but it also means losing some mobility and skill, so I’m thinking of running a wave pattern where I alternate the squat style by week. Something like a 10s week with the buffalo bar, then 8s SSB, then 6s Buffalo bar, then 10s SSB front squat, 8s buffalo bar, etc. Should hopefully keep the skill engrained while sparing the knee some damage. Also still plan to keep a squat in my deadlift workout. Need to get in some unilateral stuff where possible, and fit in cleans to keep the technique.

I liked the pre-exhaust effect of this workout though. Makes light weight feel heavy.

Woke up at 196.4.