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Rebirth of the Juggernaut: Post Knee Reconstruction


If I’m fresh and had a few days off I can muster 125 at a fast pace but full range of motion. I like the 1000 over an hour though better I think. Just sounds like the best pump ever :joy:


@JMaier31 for sure. It’s one of those things I get on the Mrs about. She wonders why running doesn’t have the same fat burning qualities it used to have for her, and I tell her she’s too good at it, haha.

@jackolee Pump is pretty insane when it’s all said and done. You don’t really notice it through the process, but once it’s over, trying to get a shirt on or off is a chore.



226lb Axle deadlift/ 155lb SSB squat circuit


Notes: Just more ideas I’m coming up with while I’m forced to keep the training light. I actually tried this with some heavier weight to start the session, but only made it 3 rounds, so I dropped it down to something more managable. My lungs are not enjoying this, and I can’t tell if it’s the cold, or if I’m deconditionined, or if it’s possibly the prednisone I’m taking to the eyes post surgery. I’m just gonna keep pushing forward and see how it goes.


Bench and pull-ups! Could do 185 axle bench. 1 of each, 2 of each, 3…up to 10 and back down to 1 is 100 reps of each. For time. Always a good one.


Appreciate it dude. Got the upperbody figured out thankfully. Lower body is still a game.


Going to have to try that sometime.


You work ethic is awesome Pwn.
Those circuits looks absolutely horrible.
Btw I love your cleans, they are just as bad as mine… I was thinking about taking them out, but when you can… I can too.

Lower body will always leave you drained I think. There’s just so much muscle mass that’s involved.
Axle push press and DL maybe? It would still suck big time I guess.
Keep pushing Pwn
Btw for how long time has the doc said you should hold back?


So the day after squats when i have push presses is the most brutal thing ever. Could superset 10 squats with 10 push presses :neutral_face:


You still have that Viking squat harness? Do sandbag lifts and the harness squats. That’s gotta be a rough one.


@mortdk and @duketheslaya I’m thinking we may have differing definitions of where the upperbody is, haha. Push press will find it’s way toward my press training, but I’m trying to pair similar rather than contrasting movements, hence squats with deads and cleans with chins. Do appreciate the kind words though. I’ve got a little less than a week until I’m 2 weeks post op and cleared to train heavy again.

@BEAst_in_I Hope it works well dude!

@oldbeancam Not a bad idea, as it sticks well to the “similar with similar” approach. Unfortunately, no way I can lift my sandbag without straining, haha. 250+lbs. Could try it with my 100lb keg maybe.

Mrs wanted me to get her lifting today to improve her running. Did some SSB squats, farmers deads/walks and band chins/pulldowns.


I thought the push press would hit quads but not as hard as a pure lower body exercise. I forgot you like to punish yourself.
So squat and dead it is. You could try single leg work? But I guess the timeframe would be an issue.


@mortdk Single leg isn’t a bad idea. Got a lot of it done during my break. With the way things are shaping up though, I should be good to go heavy again come my next lower body workout, so that’ll be good.


Axle bench press 276

Close grip axle bench 226

Swiss bar incline bench 185


1 set of 2 reps of standing ab wheel between all sets of everything.

Notes: 3:45 between benching sets, 1:45 between dips. Brought the ab wheel back because I want to keep training my abs but the sit-ups and planks are just inconvenient. Sub max, just accumulating volume. This was a solid session while keeping the straining to a minimum, which is why I let that one rep go on the close grip benching. Still like Deep Water’s bench training format, so I think I’m gonna keep it for a while.

Woke up at 198.0.


How’s recovery for the surgery?


Are you looking at getting the same?

I could walk on the leg the day of, but apparently I wasn’t supposed to. I actually went walking around the mall and stuff with my family for the first week, no brace, no crutches, before my doc scolded me and told me to knock that off. Even still, I pretty much only used the brace and crutches if someone was walking.

Took about 1-2 months before I had enough mobility in the knee to be able to easily get in/out of a vehicle. Limited ROM was really the biggest thing, because the new ACL is SUPER tight at first. Have to work at it.

Never dealt with any of the hamstring issues other folks seemed to have. My biggest issue is that my left knee does not hyperextend now, while my right does, so my ROM doesn’t match on a lot of stuff. I have a limp if I don’t concentrate.


No. Just wondering.


Ah. Well there you go. The log starts at 2 weeks post op and details the whole recovery process from that point on.


I was thinking about the eye one. (I’m biker after a computer glitch.) Still want to be you next time I’m 30.


Oh geez, my mistake. With your name being new to the blog, I assumed you meant the initial one. Shows how many I have had, haha.

I had 4 hours of mild discomfort immediately post op and that was in. 20/15 vision. Have to take a lot of drops, which isn’t too big a deal.


Your newest surgery certainly didn’t affect workout intensity.

Us mortals enjoy your posts so be careful with your recovery.


You are always cautioning me, haha. Always appreciated. Tomorrow will be my last sub max workout, and then I am all cleared.