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Rebirth of the Juggernaut: Post Knee Reconstruction


Will do, thanks crazy one.


Pre-corrective vision surgery training


5 minutes jump rope
100 walking lunges (100 per leg)
5 minutes jump rope
50 walking lunges
5 minutes jump rope
25 walking lunges

Notes: Few minutes of rest between exercises. I’m meeting with my surgeon tomorrow to get my pre-surgical brief, and then surgery the next day. I’m sure activity is going to be restricted, so I wanted to do something intense to have something to recovery from. I’ve also been training the upper body every morning with bands. Finding all sorts of ways to make training happen with restrictions. I tend to function better in these environments.

No weigh in. I’m definitely dropping some weight on this trip. Traveling is always a good opportunity for that.


Good luck with the surgery brother.


Yeah good luck man :slight_smile:
started you blog btw… Awesome. Great writing.


@oldbeancam Thanks dude. Looks like everything has gone well so far.

@mortdk Awesome dude! Good to have you as a reader.


1013 push ups

20 push ups, every minute, on the minute, maxout on minute 50.

Notes: Return to an old deload week classic here. I’m in Denver CO, so elevation is higher. This was the easiest this workout has been, only feeling fatigue on the final 2 sets. Good to see the conditioning holding out.

Post surgery results are good so far. I’ve been corrected to 20/15 vision, so even better than 20/20. No pain or discomfort.


Insane push-up tolerance.


Stealing this. And modifying it heavily for mortals


Yeah, I can’t do back to back sets of 20 on 30-40 sec rest.


@liftangryordie500 It’s something I built up when I was about your age in all honesty. Was always big on a daily set of push ups. Wanted to eventually get to handstand push ups, since I watched a lot of DBZ. Never had the balance.

@dagill2 and @JMaier31 steal away. I forgot where I stole it from. I got the idea of 1000 push ups itself from “Living with a SEAL”, but that was done over the course of a day. Helps to really hammer them out fast. I was averaging 14 second a set through the process, so 46 seconds of rest. Yeah, it pisses off the online community when you do fast push ups, but when you’re going for 1000, you can have some slop, haha.


Is that a relevant factor in getting bigger and stronger?


I had a nice guffaw reading your most recent blog post when you mention something along the lines of “I don’t microwave fish at the office because that’d make me an asshole”. Some people are just so unaware of what they’re doing to others haha.


@dagill2 You could probably build a pretty effective program by doing everything the internet says NOT to do, haha.

@mr.v3lv3t Glad you enjoyed it. The general inconsideration of humanity is one of the driving factors of my misanthropy.


Power clean/chin conditioning circuit

168lb clean for 1, then pull up for 10, then clean for 2, pull up for 9, etc. Minimal rest. Made it to on the cleans before I tapped out

Axle curl 88lbs

Superset w/

Band pull aparts

Notes: 4:00 between curls. That clean/chin workout was a total lung breaker. I think I have it in me when I’m not worrying about my eyes. Still sticking with the doc’s orders and not going heavy, which just means doing stupid stuff like this.

Woke up at 197.4. Going to keep riding this fat loss. I’m at that awesome stage in losing fat where I look smaller but I also look fatter because my glycogen stores are shot, so that’s cool.


I thought doing complex movements like cleans while fatigued was bad because internet


Trust me; it IS bad, haha.


Don’t leave us in suspense man, what did you make it to ???


It is but his form is trash while fresh!


Just kidding, @T3hPwnisher!

You have to watch the video!

He made it to 8 cleans and 3 pull ups.


@simo74 Looks like the keyboard cut out on me there. Made it to 7 on the cleans. Lungs were broken at that point.

@JMaier31 you’re not wrong, haha. I’ve written about how one of the benefits of having awful technique is that it’s the same technique when you’re fatigued.



Axle strict press-dips-DB lateral raises


Band pull aparts

Notes: 4:00 between sets. Still staying with the doc’s orders. Got this idea from a Jon Andersen podcast. Was pretty effective, decent pump, but made sure not to strain.

Woke up at 198.0.


I’m gonna do this one… looks like fun. I want to eventually be able to do 150 consecutive without pause.


Without pause will be quite a feat. I’ve worked up to 400 before, but allowed myself to rest in the up position with 3 points of contact. Let me know how it pans out!


Doing things at which you’re inefficient is also a great way to burn extra calories and shed fat. Win-win!