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Rebirth of the Juggernaut: Post Knee Reconstruction


I know that right now Big Jon doesn’t allow carbs, but in general why do you avoid them? Is it just a preference for a higher-fat diet translating to performance?


Smart man. You’re eating to live, not the other way around.


@theonecamko I was using siracha on cottage cheese for a while. Great condiment.

@liftangryordie500 Got that ketchup well stocked, haha. Not a big fan of it on chicken, but goes great on pot roast.

@mattjp Just one of those things that always worked for me. I perform very well on high fats while I tend to feel sluggish and bloated on high carbs. I also enjoy fattier meats more than lean ones. I’ll take a ribeye and veggies over chicken and potatoes/pasta whenever given the choice.

@biker Absolutely. Been using that trick for a LONG time when it comes to shoveling down food, haha. Only issue now is that I don’t want to set that example for the little one, so I have to save it for my snack after their bedtime.



Axle push press

Notes: Did an equal amount of band pull aparts between sets of push presses. Took 5 minutes between the heaviest set and the backoff, then 5 minutes before the next backoff. The first backoff was the intensity I need to bring to the rest of the program. Racked it, went to walk away, said “f**k it”, came back and knocked out 2 more. Ashamed I didn’t do it again for the final set, but I know I got it in me now.

These are the best push presses I’ve done in a LONG time. Program really helped me drill in my technique. I think, absent all the sets prior, I’d have something pretty fierce in me for a topset. I may go for a single at the end of the program just to see what I can do.

No weigh in this morning.


That’s some good leg drive on that top set. You had good rhythm on the back off set too. The way you talk about yourself sometimes made me think you lacked that kind of coordination.


Appreciate the compliment dude. This is a VERY significant improvement for me. In the past 12 weeks, I’ve done 600 reps of push press. Contrast this with previous training cycles where, over the course of 12 months, I’d hit about…100, maybe? I’m definitely seeing the improvement, and feeling like I got something good coming down the pipe this way. I’m not a fan of push pressing, but having a program that forced me to do it was good for me.




Buffalo bar squats 240

Texas deadlift bar touch and go deadlifts

Notes: 5 minutes rest between the heaviest set and the 2 dropsets. I’m definitely deconditioned from heavy work, as 545 felt like a ton, but my ability to grind is solid. Once I got to 495 it felt like things were way too damn heavy, and the first rep of 545 sucked, but I knocked out 4 more. Time will tell at the end of the program how I feel about this whole experiment here. My conditioning is clearly through the roof, as honestly the 19x355 was still a pretty weak effort. PM workout as a Christmas gift to the self and mrs, but it meant I came in with a gut full of food and I was feeling it on those amraps. The 275 REALLY sucked because some acid reflux started to show, and everytime I was at the bottom of a rep my esophagus would start to burn. Hit the floor on rep 21, regathered myself and knocked out 3 more. That’s more of what I want to see.

Late weigh in of 204.0 this morning. Need to remember to do my ab work in the evenings. Life’s been getting busy and I’ve been forgetting.


It has been really interesting to follow your process on the deep water stuff. I am definitely curious about the results after all.

So you have your eyes on a comp in the near future btw.?


If the usual April competition happens around here, I’ll be doing it. Otherwise, nothing really on my radar. There’s nothing local here, and traveling in the winter is tough around here. Usually, if I’m able to get out of town, its to visit family or friends. I should be moving this summer though, and will hopefully be somewhere a little more central to the sport.


This stuff is awesome. Use it all the time with Chicken breasts and broccoli.

I also went to Big Jon’s site and got emailed the ebook. It’s super motivating, plus there’s a new planet fitness that opened across the street from my house and now I want to go in there and do squats in the smith machine while screaming “BURN THE BOATS” until I lose consciousness and have to be carried out.


@flappinit Hell yeah dude. Jon is a pretty amazing motivator. His daily youtube videos are hilariously over the top, but the message is also still pretty awesome.


Stone of Steel over bar (20)
Singles EMOM for 10 minutes

Notes: Loaded 25lbs and a bunch of spacers into the stone. Finished this workout, then promptly came into the house and threw up. Did it again recently. Coming out the other end too. I always seem to come down with something nasty around this time. On the plus side, once I ride this out, I can eat whatever I want for the holidays.

I’ve brought the SoS back in, because I think it’s going to bring up some lagging back strength. I’ve been hammering the prowler because I figured it was going to start snowing too and making that non-viable, but it’s almost January and there is still no snow. I’ve gotten the most out of it.


Feel better man.


It’s been three hours since you posted that. Hopefully you’re almost done with the puking by now.


8 down. Hopefully last one,haha.

Fun fact about me: I went to the ER one of the times this happened, because I had become dangerously dehydrated and delirious. Got hooked up to IVs and had a doc explain “Yeah, normally the body has something of a governor when it gets gastroenteritis, where it just purges the bug and resets. Your body doesn’t seem to have this…”

I appreciate the spirit of my body for never leaving job half finished.


A positive outlook on your situation.


Brutal. I seem to be good for eight rounds too. I think that’s close to what I endured last year around Thanksgiving.

It’s weird. My son was 1.5 last year and started it. He puked once. My daughter was 4+ and she puked twice and was good to go. It seems that the bigger or older you are, the more violent and repetitive it gets.


Stomach bugs are the sickest ab workout one can get. DOMS for days.


T3hPwnisher, Merry Christmas to you and your family.

Keep up the good posting.


@liftangryordie500 I pretty much always find the humor in situations, no matter how dire. I figure the situation is going to suck no matter what, but at least I can get a laugh out of it. My wife put me to bed last night, felt my forehead and said “You’re really hot”. I meekly replied “Thanks; I workout”, haha.

@JMaier31 I legit have a theory that being stronger makes vomiting worse, since it seems like the body tries to contract all of it’s muscles as hard as possible with each rep. Ability to contract harder means more violent vomiting. If nothing else, I know I’ve pulled muscles from it. I imagine being super dehydrated doesn’t help.

@flappinit No joke man; working them from the inside, haha.

@biker Thanks man! To you as well.

Slept through the night and woke up ready to kick butt. However, I’m very certain the Mrs will NOT let me train, haha.


Well, that’s awesome! As you’ll see in my log, I’m paranoid about taking my turn with the stomach bug.

You say DOMS. I say bruised/strained intercostals.


Sneak it. Better to ask for forgiveness than permission.