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Rebirth of the Juggernaut: Post Knee Reconstruction




Barbell rows

Axle curls 108lbs

Chins (various grips)
50 reps in 5ish minutes

Notes: 3:50 rest between sets. Supposed to do 3 sets of chins, but ran out of time, so just rest paused through 50 with a bunch of different grips. Nice to get back to a more traditional back workout. I’m thinking I may see some growth on this program just from the greater opportunities to recover.

Woke up at 204.2. Sore in all sorts of weird spots from the SSB.


How do you like the Titan SSB? Was looking at trying to pick up an SSB bar here in the near future. At the price point, Titan seems very attractive compared to others.


Get the 2.0 and you’ll be good. The original is garbage from all online accounts (haven’t personally used it). I have the 2.0, and it’s very overbuilt, solid, with a good angle. My only complain is that, when I hold the handles, my elbows run into my legs, but that’s a result of my mutant proportions. Most normal humans won’t have that problem. At it’s current pricepoint, it’s a steal.


Awesome, I was already leaning that direction but I have read other good things about the 2.0. Now just to wait until its back in stock, thanks.


I have that issue with the elite fts bar. Knee always hit my elbows, which just feels wrong. Makes me focus on throwing my arms up at the bottom position, not sure if I’m supposed to do that or not.


@kckfl349 No problem man. I had to stalk that item pretty good. Basically checked the page every few hours every day. Titan is pretty bad about letting you know when something is back in stock. On that note, I just got an e-mail from them saying that my credit card information was most likely compromised, so they’re not good at a lot of things, haha. In truth, I’m waiting for their ship to sink, and I’m just getting in while the getting is good. I don’t see their approach being sustainable.

@atlas13 Good to know I’m not alone. I can get a little bit of a rebound out of the bottom that way, bouncing my forearms against my knees. I know that’s probably why it’s illegal in powerlifting.



Axle bench press 286

Close grip axle bench 241


1 minute plank/20 sit ups
3 rounds, no rest

Notes: 3:50 rest between sets. This continues to be a solid approach for benching. Keep cutting the rests and move as much as I can, then up the rest and start over. Clearing some big former plateaus here. I always like to look back and remember the first time I ever maxed my bench was a college freshmen, and I hit a 275 and thought that was pretty cool. Since that time, I really haven’t felt like my bench has gotten much stronger, and then I see me hitting 3x10 with 10lbs more than that and I realize I’m doing ok.

The program cuts out 1 exercise at this point, and I’m thinking it’s a good move, because my elbows and shoulders are pissed. A break might be just what I need, and I may actually end up recovering more and super compensating.

On that note, woke up at 204.8. Talking about other milestones, this is the bodyweight I was at in 2011 when I decided I was tired of being fat and dropped 20lbs. Body comp is a lot better this time around.


What the heck


I may just have to buy a disposable debit/gift card.


Not the first time this year I’ve seen it. Target ran into that issue a little earlier, as did a couple of travel companies. There’s pretty much no guarantee of safety these days if you put your credit card out there.


Not a bad COA at all.


Well I’m screwed. I’ve purchased stuff from a few different sites. Luckily I’m poor, if someone attempts to hack/take my money they wont find much lol.


Yeah, it’s more the credit score you need to watch out for. It’s honestly not too difficult to overcome though. Monitor your credit cards, look for purchases you didn’t make, and then notify the company. It sadly happens frequently enough these days that the process to refute charges is pretty painless.


To add to this discussion, many of the places I frequently shop with a credit card have had security issues and I’ve never been affected, call it lucky if you will but it seems that the issues can be overblown.

And like Pwn said, if you do happen to get hit it’s pretty painless to make the necessary corrections, even if you do your banking through the mega-banks like me which aren’t necessarily known for their customer service.


Banks always refund fraudulent charges here in the US. That’s great for customers but it sucks for law enforcement. The bank becomes the victim and they don’t want to go to court for a $500 loss so the thief wins.

I once had my info compromised from buying a brace from DonJoy. An employee’s laptop was stolen while on vacation. DonJoy paid for one year of identity theft protection which was cool.


Thought I would share some “low carb bulking” trade secrets.

This was dinner tonight.

That is 2 large chicken breasts, a lot of cauliflower, a whole avocado and some greek yogurt based ranch dressing.

It is served in a mixing bowl, because it is big and deep enough to hold it all.

I eat while reading or watching something, to distract me from the process.


Looks good man!


It was like wet sawdust, haha. But it went down quick.


Throw some siracha sauce on there, get that spicy wet sawdust.


Can’t go wrong with sugar-free ketchup!


Can’t go wrong with sugar-free ketchup!