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Rebirth of the Juggernaut: Post Knee Reconstruction


How are your traps feeling from the high rep deads and cleans? I’ve only ever done high rep cleans a few times when dropping in on crossfit classes, but every time I did my upper back was screaming at me the next day.


No real significant trap issue, but I imagine it’s because my technique is awful, haha.


One of my boys was lifting with me yesterday so I figured to go ahead and do a clean workout to see how it was. Quickly realized that due to my ass technique and inability to extend accurately that I am sore as shit in my forearms and calves especially. We wound up doing 14 sets (135x2x10, 185x10, 155x11x10) in 35ish minutes.

I don’t know how you have felt, but it was less cardio heavy than I thought it would have been and more about pushing your fatigue level beyond what you would normally. I got to where on the last few sets, my hands would slip at the top turn portion because my forearms were so pumped and exhausted. I was barely breathing heavier than usual, but my hands were becoming so sore it would be hard to hold the bar the whole time.


What I tend to notice is that my explosiveness tends to be gone by about rep 8 or 9, and from there it’s just muscling it up. Once that’s done, I’m pretty winded, but I recover quickly. Hands hurt pretty good, but switching barbells helped. Can only imagine what it’d be like with the power bar.


You went into deep waters




Axle bench press 281

CG axle bench press 236

Swiss bar incline bench 200


Notes: 2:20 between sets. This was a fantastic workout. It’s a shame to finally reach a snag on the flat bench, but the other two movements saw some serious progress, and in general I was feeling strong. Plan for next week is to still increase weight across all movements. 29 out of 30 reps is close enough, and I run the risk of regression keeping the weight the same and trying to eek out the final rep. As the rest times get shorter, it’s a question of holding on until I can increase them again. Left elbow still hit or miss: felt myself straining it a little on the final set of dips.

Woke up at 202.6. Stomach is upset, don’t know why. Cheat meal tonight will be stuffed crust pizza and maybe a dessert, in prep for the squatpocolypse Saturday morning. Been thinking more, and I think I’m going to go 16 on the first set and then 7x12. That seems to be settling better with me psychologically.


I don’t know how you do it. I feel like anything above 5 reps is high reps on squats. I don’t think I could put forth the effort over and over like you’re doing. Maybe it’s because I have longer levers and find the movement to be difficult regardless of the reps.


@JMaier31 The trick is it sucks and I hate it, haha. I’m not as tall as you, but I’m long levered for my height as far as squats go. I have long limbs and a short torso, which is great for deadlifting, but I basically have to cross several oceans when squatting or pressing. Since the internet tends to think my squats aren’t squats, I have a video from my last meet back in 2012 that shows it

It’s also why I’m folded over so far on a low bar squat, as the slightest pivot in the torso causes a dramatic effect with such weird levers.

It’s why these squats SUCK so much compared to deads, haha. And on that note…



Buffalo Bar Squats 290

Axle deadlifts 136 (double overhand, no straps)

Notes: 4:50 between sets on the first 6, 5:50 on the final 2. That said, that’s more the amount of time I waited until I even THOUGHT about doing the next set. Program says to rest as long as you need, and I took advantage of that. Spent much time looking at the bar saying “f**k this” and then eventually willing myself into squatting. In truth, my legs felt fine, but my spirit was breaking pretty hard.

TMI time, but I came into this hurting. I had about 10 bowel movements yesterday and was bleeding for a good amount of it. Just had something bad in my system, not sure what. But I had been ready for this workout for a while now, and felt like nothing could stop it.

This program really is about transformation. It’s very good at at.

Playing Clutch’s “Book of Bad Decisions” for the final set, because it seemed incredibly fitting.

After the squats, I had spent enough time in the garage I just wanted out. Made the deads light and focused on grip on it. I still owe some reverse hypers: plan to just hit the garage later and do a set of 50 and call it good.

Woke up at 204.6. Carbed up yesterday with 5 slices of stuffed crust pizza, and it paid off considering how much weight I was losing through the colon.


I think I’m more legs than torso as well so it’s not so much that I’m tall (I kind of am), but I’m just not built for squatting and pressing. I’m not using it as an excuse to not squat–I just really don’t enjoy it LOL

I’m sure I could build up a respectable squat with enough dedication, but my body just seems to hate me these past couple years. I don’t know if/when I’ll squat again.

Enough about me, that’s a hell of a workout any day of the week but even more so considering your circumstances. As always, you make us mere mortals feel weak and pathetic (okay, maybe that’s just me).


@JMaier31 Much appreciated man, and nothing wrong with comisserating together, haha. Long limbs suck for pressing and squatting, but they have their charms. Great for stones, picking things off the floor, scratching itches, haha.

No training log update, but this came in the mail today

The SSB that is, not the airdyne.

So far, seems sturdy. It’s heavier than the NYBB one. Haven’t he a chance to actually try it yet. Sleeves don’t rotate on it, but I imagine that won’t matter much.


I’m no legs at all and still weak as piss in the squat. Looks like I’ll need to find a different excuse !! Lol


It’s so pretty

Maybe you’ve found the glitch
You don’t want to lift anymore, but you keep buying new equipment that you want to use, and it keeps sucking you back in


Nah, I am obsessive by nature, haha. Even absent of training I would collect. I have a pretty extensive retro video game console collection and never play.

But it is very pretty, especially for the price.




Notes: Been snowing a little, so traction was impossible. Loaded the prowler with 100lbs and wore the 45lb vest. Low handle push 50’ immediate turn around and reverse drag, 3 rounds no rest, then strip off 50lbs and repeat twice. Total ballbuster, especially the day after that squat workout.

No weigh in this morning.


I’ve finally finished reading the inserts on his program and his story is incredible.
I’m finding myself relating to a lot of his stories more and more, I just wish I found this earlier.

Going to start beginner personally just to get the full feel of it, but re: his chapter 5, I’m pretty much in everything of “beyond the break” in the HWT category which is a decent sign
First one tonight, this is going to be great


You’ll be surprised how much you’ll use that thing. I saw a guy doing a 500+ squat without holding onto that bar, he held onto the cage uprights.


That exercise is known as a Hatfield squat. You hold onto the uprights and pull yourself up by them to use more weight and blast through your sticking point


@bigjez I felt the same way reading the book. Was never more happy to have spent $10 on an ebook. That is a great sign as well, excited to see how it pans out for you.

@biker Oh I’m well versed for sure: this is my second SSB, haha. I’ve had my first one since 08, used it a ton, especially working around injuries.



Axle push press 161

Axle curls 108

DB lateral raise stripset

Notes: 3:50 between sets. Once again, the significant degree of fatigue forces me to learn how to get better at push presses. Figured out how to extend my ankle and come up on my toes to really get that last little “oomph” out of the press on the final sets. As a result, probably one of the most solid push press workouts I’ve ever had. Time was running low, so had to cut off some of the assistance work.

Woke up at 205.6. Big jump, but I attribute a good amount of that just due to glycogen and water after carbing up from 11 weeks of lower carb living. We’ll see if any of it sticks around.




Clean pulls 205

Power cleans 148

Chins (various grips)
1x21 double overhand
1x18 NG
1x13 double underhand

Notes: Got the day off work, so wife and I slept in a little, dropped the kid off, got breakfast and trained. Was a blessing, because I’m still walking around like a wind-up toy, so this gave me a little bit to loosen up before cleans, which meant no pulled hamstrings. First time I’ve managed the whole workout in a while. Tore a very small callus on my left ring finger, which should heal by deadlift day.

Woke up at 204.0.