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Rebirth of the Juggernaut: Post Knee Reconstruction


With the way I am running it, it will be 24 weeks, since I am not using the true intermediate weights right now. I plan to finish this out, then do the real intermediate, then the advance. Keep in mind that there is a method to the madness. When you reach the advance, it means you did the intermediate, which most likely means your AMRAP ability is now greater than it would have been had you just started with advanced. Mindset and toughness should be on point. Similar to how leader cycles in 5/3/1 set you up for the anchors.

My cleans are total trash, haha. Going to get real ugly.


Yeah you’re right. I can see it being super beneficial to strongmen in that regard as well especially if you were to set timers on the sets.


Just view it as axle clean practise, haha


@oldbeancam Yeah, I can see it having a pay off in that regard. Jon apparently still holds some sort of US strongman record for 30 something deadlifts with like 550lbs in a minute, which I’m sure is testament to the system, haha.

@Koestrizer I legit considered just making them continentals, haha, but figured it’d be good for me to do something I’m awful at.

I’ll log the training in a bit, but Stan Lee has passed. This log started off with Marvel comic scans and me professing how much I enjoy those comics to this day, and it hasn’t changed. I took on the mantle of the Juggernaut through my recovery, and my handle here is a play on The Punisher, so I felt it fitting to include a scan from the Punisher Back to School special #2, titled “No Pain”. In this story, Frank infiltrates a gym that is selling steroids to high school kids.

This one was of particular relevance, as I did 100 reps of overhead press today. I also did it while wearing my Punisher shirt and listening to the Punisher Warzone soundtrack.

Also, that little jab at Tony Stark is still hilarious. And those outfits are just absolutely as early 90s as you can get.



Axle strict press 146lbs

superset w/

Band pull aparts

Axle curls 103

DB laterals 35

Notes: 3:45 between sets. This was an awesome workout. Had the day off work, had a big lunch beforehand, and really got to let out the throttle and see what I could do. Actually upped the weight on the axle presses more than I should have based on percentages, but I went with 5/3/1 rules in that, it had been 6 weeks so I upped the max by 10lbs. Seems to have worked out. The curls are just plain awesome, and far more “full body”, which is fine for me. My forearms were screaming. DB laterals just had me feeling strong. I’m definitely slinging weight these days vs focusing on the pump, but it seems like the right move at the right time. I’m feeling ridiculously strong, and I imagine the weight gain is a big part of that.

On that note, I weighed in at 202lbs this morning. Significant in 2 regards. That’s 10lbs up from the start, and this is also typically where I read the “Holy crap” moment physique wise, and not in a good way. Usually 202lbs is when I realize I’ve gotten too fat and need to start slimming down. Right now, I’m certainly fatter than when I started, but still not approaching “fat” for me. I’m seeing the telltale signs that I am creeping up in weight, but that typically happens more towards the mid to late 190s. Means to me I still have a little room to ride this out, so I’m gonna do it and see what happens.


Hey man you are what you feel :slight_smile:
That deepwater program seems ridiculous hard.
It looks a bit like german volume training with the 10x10 and then again not.
Might have a look at it sometime, but there are so many shiny objects floating around.


Holy shit that’s insane. I like Jon a lot, but that makes me appreciate him that much more. Definitely a goal to add to my “never-be-able-to-do” list.


202 means you’re probably aging appropriately.

Bet you’re far, far from fat.


@mortdk Yeah, a lot of folks jump straight to the GVT comparison because of the 10x10, but that’s honestly where the similarities end. Far more elements of density based training with the rest time and rep total manipulation. It’s definitely been the training that has resonated the most with me so far. Really gels with my mindset.

@oldbeancam Yeah, he’s brought it up in a few podcasts with Mark Bell and other interviews: back in the days when strongmen were 300lbs instead of 400lbs and there were a lot more reps, haha. I honestly miss that era.

@biker I wish all I had to do was just get older, haha. It’s been a full scale nutritional assault to add the weight on, but it’s been working, and I’ve been finding ways to make it sustainable. And my acceptable levels of being fat may be different than most, but a contributing factor is my annual fitness test requirements paired with my need to move quickly in strongman. The weight has to be quality.


Did the deadlifts tonight and felt like ass. Haha literally blacked out on the last set with 365. Dug deep, “found my portal” and pulled 8 more before leaving briefly again. Definitely excited for this program. Pushing my limits beyond belief. I now understand (even after two weeks) why you said BtM on bath salts. Haha


Hell yeah dude, that’s awesome. Glad to have someone I can share the experience with. You are definitely in for some growth.


That was the main goal starting out, but I’m excited to see the transfer in strength both physical and mental as well as an increased work capacity. Really dreading the next few months though. Ha


I had this exact mindset at 27. 190 wouldn’t budge during law school using YMCA gym; 220 came 2 years later with same diet, a home gym, and slightly less stress. Strength increased, but I never had your endurance. Older, strong lifter at YMCA told me not to worry, the weight would come with age. Comfortably 245 now, but always looking to lose a few pounds.


@biker I have plans to get quite fat once I’m done lifting, haha. Right now though, without a consistent effort to eat, my weight tends to gravitate more towards the 190s. I have a very light frame.



Clean pulls 205

Power cleans 148

1x21 double overhand
1x20 NG

Notes: 2:50 between sets. Opened up a cut on my knee on the 6th set


Was more annoying than anything else, but it’s funny how, because of years of deadlifts, log and stones, I have no hair on my shins, and therefore the blood just flowed straight into the knee sleeve.

Cleans were MUCH better this week compared to last. Helps that my hamstrings didn’t lock up. Focused on getting my heels off the floor and just trying to be explosive in general. Added a little weight and shaved a minute off the rest times compared to last week.

I owe 1 more set of chins. Will get it done on my lunch break.

Woke up at 202.6. Been a long time since I was this heavy.


You’ll never be done lifting, nor will you be fat. You’ll see.


I hate lifting, and I’ve been fat before, haha. I just like being big and strong. Once I can’t be that anymore, I’d love to go do something else instead.


Fat or “fat”?


Fat. Was a fat kid growing up. Dieted hard in my early teens to shed it, and then at 21 I bought super into the Elitefts/Dave Tate diet koolaid and ate myself to an all time high bodyweight of 217lbs, in pursuit of 220. Ran a 14:30+ 1.5 mile at that point. Just sluggish and fat. Only thing I was good at was static strength, and even then I was weaker then than I am now. I stayed that way for about 2 years before I decided I didn’t like what I had become, lost about 35lbs, then rebuilt it back.


Many a great man has bulked up on Double-Stuffed Oreo Cookies and Milk!


Mine was definitely the fast food route rather than the little debbies and cookies. I convinced myself that, as long as there was protein in it, it was good for me. LOTS of Taco Bell, In n Out, Wendy’s, Carl’s Jr, etc.

Although my wife would also make mini loaves of banana bread. She’s wrap them in aluminum foil, and I’d just peel back the foil and eat them like candy bars. Hey, it had bananas in it: it was probably healthy.

It’s why I chuckle a little when people tell me I need to eat more. I KNOW how to gain weight, I can easily make myself gain weight, it’s a pretty constant battle to keep my Id in check, but if I want to gain QUALITY weight, that’s quite different, haha.


Same here. I ate tons of peanut butter, drank a whole lot of milk, and stuffed my face at every meal. I ended up gaining 40 lb. in 3 months and I skyrocketed my squat from 185 x 7-8 @ a BW of 155 to 270 x 3 x 5 @ an all time BW high of 195. I was a chubby dude back then, though. My parents thought I was crazy for eating as much as I did! Now, I’m looking to get to 185 and stay there. I’m a tad too skinny for my tastes. But if I tried to eat the way I used to right now, I’d be in the hospital. So I guess it’s good that I gained the weight I did last year, or else I’d be 140 lb. @ 5’9” right now.