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Rebirth of the Juggernaut: Post Knee Reconstruction


What Alpha puts together looks like a blast. If I budgeted myself more than 60 minutes to train, I’d give it a run.


I tend to shoot for an hour or less too, although the occasional 70 minute session creeps in when I’m feeling crappy. His newest program (4 Horsemen) claims about a 60 minute run time, if you need a break from the Deep Water madness haha.

I’m planning to do his LP program which I think given the lower weights I use should take anywhere between 45-60 minutes. Perhaps the only benefit of not being all that strong.


My LIMFACT right now is it’s 60 minutes including set-up and tear down. I’m in a 1 car garage right now and my wife parks her new car in it. I’ve gotten good at setting up as I train, but it still eats my time.

I should be moving this summer though, and if I can swing a better set up, I can better stage the battlefield ahead of training.


Ah yeah, I didn’t consider set up/tear down. Valuable minutes right there.

LIMFACT is a new one for me. Context tells me it’s short for limiting factor, but the google hits are hilariously unrelated.


I think you’d get two giant sets and 10m metcon done easily in that timeframe even including setup/teardown. I never went over 80m including warmups and my conditioning/work capacity is a fraction of yours; you’d be a lot more compliant with the 90s rest times than I was.

That said I’d love to see what Brian would come up with for you if there were no time/equipment constraints. Maybe you could try moving to Maryland next…


@mr.v3lv3t You got it through context, haha. Google is amazing though.

@mattjp I’ve crunched the numbers before and just couldn’t make it work. Without meaning to sound pretentious, it takes me a bit longer to warm-up to my worksets on things like squats and deadlifts due to poundages handled. When I was running Building the Monolith, I’d use those warm-up sets to gaint set in assistance work, but trying to warm-up to the poundages required for giant sets that are worksets across hasn’t worked out terribly well. It’s how I was training for my last strongman competition, and towards the end my workouts were really starting to drag too long, and my mornings became too rushed.

However, I think, if I can have everything laid out the night before, and just show up and hit my first warm-up set as soon as I put my shoes on, and then just walk away from the last set once I’m done, I could manage it.

Marlyand is close to one of the locations I’m shooting for. Technically VA, but close enough that I could make the trip up a few times. We’ll see how it all shakes out.


Axle strict press 136

Superset w/

Band pull apart

Axle curls 98lbs

DB lateral raise

Notes: 1:50 between sets. Had to rack the bar between rep 9 and 10 on th last set, just because my lungs were getting crushed. A solid grind from sets 6 and on. This is the least satisfying 10x10 day on the program, as strict pressing is just not as full body as push pressing, but I still think it does some good. The curls definitely got more full body as sets went on, but I think some cheating on them will do me good.

Woke up at 200.0. I’ve been throttling back on the diet now, as I seem to be in a good place weight gain wise. Eliminated the 2 tablespoons of honey in the morning.


Happy birthday!


Ah yeah of course, I didn’t consider that. It’s a shame because I know he’d really pull something horrible out of the bag for you.


I can’t think of many things that sound worse than 10 x 10 on squats and deads - except more sets of 10.


Back when I was young and stupid I used to do squats for 60 mins. Usually managed to get about 15 sets of 8-10 reps in that time. Driving home from the gym was always interesting !!


@duketheslaya Thanks man!

@mattjp I’m sure it’ll happen one day; just gotta get it set up. When I settle in to my forever home one day, I’ll have a solid space to use.

@JMaier31 I imagine I’m about to find out on phase II, haha.

@simo74 I am so thankful I don’t have to drive after these workouts.


You are moving quite a bit. Is that job related or wife’s job related?


@Koestrizer Job related. I move about once every 2-3 years. The wife is a trooper and follows along, and has thankfully been able to find employment wherever we go.



Axle Bench Press 261

Close grip axle bench press 226

Swiss bar incline bench 190


Push ups

Notes: 1:50 between sets. As long as SOMETHING improves on this workout, I’m good with it. My bench has increased 35lbs since the start, so I’d say that’s a victory. CG and swiss are still rough after that, but it all seems to be paying off.

Woke up at 199.6 this morning. I’ve been bad about getting in veggies this week. Focus has just been on meat. I think the intermediate program should do a good job of re-kicking my ass and getting the fork back to my mouth.




Buffalo Bar Squat 290

Axle deadlift 256


Reverse hyper 270

Notes: 3:50 between sets. In full disclosure, I failed the 10th rep of the 9th set, but I went by viking rules in that, since I failed it on the concentric rather than just racking and quitting I gave it to myself. As a consequence though, one the buffalo bar crashed onto the pins, I immediately fell backwards into a state of torpor while quietly contemplating which seat I would take at the table in Valhalla. As the Valkyries began to descend upon me to carry me home, it dawned on me that I still had one more set. I have no idea how much time passed between when I hit the floor and when I got back up to strip the plates, re-rack the bar, reload the plates and then hit the final set, but I imagine it was more than 4 minutes.

Superset the deads and reverse hypers for now. I’m fairly certain I bent one of my 105lb dumbbells I was using to anchor the reverse hyper for heavier loads, so I’ll need to come up with a new solution for heavier loads.

Woke up at 199.6. Had my weekly cheat meal yesterday, which these days is really more just eating out, as I’m still keeping the carbs super low.


Excellent description for this workout.


That was a bit of a moment there I suspect :slight_smile:


@mr.v3lv3t Occasionally, I have enough time to really put my thoughts down, haha.

@mortdk I definitely recommend experiencing that moment to no one, haha. No video, but now I have gone from 4 failed squats in 19 years to 5.


That’s a lot of volume!


It’s absolutely disgusting, haha. Been good for growth though.


Is your rest between all the sets 3:50? Or is it as long as it takes to catch your breath? I can’t imagine the latter.