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Rebirth of the Juggernaut: Post Knee Reconstruction


That looks pretty fun and cool. I watched a few Jon Andersen videos and his enthusiasm really makes doing 100 squats/deads seem like a great time.


@Koestrizer Looking at just the reps and sets it might seem that way, but the rest period manipulation is pretty key. It’s far more a mental challenge than anything else, and from my time with the squats and deads alone I can tell it’s going to hammer my conditioning pretty well. The 10x10 push presses will force me to finally start caring about push pressing, and the clean pulls will help with some explosiveness. Hypertrophy is also never a bad thing in this case, as I’m approaching an off season, with my next for sure competition being in April.

These 6 weeks are phase 1 of the plan. During phase 2, weights get heavier and the goal is to get the 100 reps done in fewer than 10 sets, with an introduction of power cleans into the mix as well for 10x10. In phase 3, AMRAPS start getting introduced. I think, ultimately, I’ll get some good out of it.

@FlatsFarmer I was always a fan of Jon during his IFSA days, and became a fan again with the articles in Power magazine that talked about his training. His current way forward of a little too much synthol is weird, but I get it given his goals. Still a great motivator, and his mentality completely jives with mine, along with the approach to training.

If I were single, I’d even give the diet a fair shake, haha. As it stands, my wife is already WAY too good to me for putting up with the way I eat.


Everyone needs a little CrossFit in their life.


I do Murph once a year, haha. Not sure if 10x10 powercleans with 2 minutes rest fits exactly within crossfit, but it should be a solid ballbuster.


I imagine it’ll be a shit show by the end :joy:

I picture you doing a reverse curl with a bit of a jump by the end of the day.

I don’t like to go over 3 reps on cleans.


Pretty much my runs with Grace


Good grief, you’re just a big ol brute, aren’t you?!

An axle? Really? People buy special bars for Olympic movements for the bearings and you pick a bar that is a solid piece of steel. :joy: :joy:


What did I just watch. How the hell did you not 1. Pass out, 2. Spew or 3 pass out, collapse, spew and shit yourself all at the same time.



^ That energy level’s exactly why I want to be this guy the next time I’m 30.


You’re so Bad ass Pwn, Beast mode in the gym
gentle and helpful here in the forum sections.


Ya’ll are too nice.

@JMaier31 The secret is to be so bad at the movement that it doesn’t matter how good the barbell is, haha. There are some folks out there that can really get a lot out of a good barbell, but it all feels about the same to me.

@simo74 It’s like riding a bull: just strap in and hold on until the ride is over, haha. I felt like hell every time I did this workout. It’s only a few minutes of work, but your lungs feel broken for about the rest of the day.

@biker Always appreciate the sentiment dude. Being able to keep pushing through misery is about the one thing I got going for me, but it’s carried me far.

@mortdk Much appreciated dude.



Axle bench press

Lat pulldowns 90

Band pull aparts


Axle incline bench 173

Lat pulldowns 90

DB lateral raise 20

Notes: Head really wasn’t in the game for benching. Not much leg drive to speak. Think knowing it was my last heavy bench for a while kept me from wanting to really go for anything great. The incline benching went well, although left shoulder is still pretty pissed off. Think the upcoming week off will be good.

Woke up at 196.0



Texas deadlift bar touch and go deadlifts 330

Standing ab wheel

SSB squats 225

SSB walking lunges

Notes: Set the watch to 1:50 so that I’d have 2 minutes rest between sets. 5lbs higher and shorter rests than last week. I’m adapting to the load, which is cool. Still not on RX poundages, but this has been a good prep cycle for the real work. Tried lunging in place and it was awful, but walking lunges I can do, so I’ll be doing that. Garage is small enough that I have to take 2-3 lunges before turning around, but it’ll work. Just had the bar unloaded there, because after the deads and squats I was fried. Really focusing in forcing the left side to start working hard. I think, if I can bring it up to snuff, I can really start getting pretty scary.

Woke up at 194.4. I leave on a few day business trip tomorrow, I’l most likely drop a little weight from travel, and then come back and try to put on some quality mass.



1000 push ups in under an hour

Notes: I sure know how to deload/vacation. Did this within 5 minutes of waking up, because I wanted to see if I could. Was ambitious and tried to get it done in 45 EMOM sets, but I petered out on the last 5. Shook out to

10 sets of 23
30 sets of 22
1 set of 10
1 set of 20
4 sets of 10
2-3 minute break
1 set of 20
2-3 minute break
1 set of 30

Unreal chest and tricep pump like before. This should give me something to recover from for the rest of the week.


Usual outstanding stamina.


Holy pump lol


Do you even do push ups in your regular training? Have I missed it? How in the hell did you do that? I’m baffled.

The best I’ve ever been at push ups was during my first police academy and 300 in 30 minutes was brutal. I couldn’t do more than three or four sets of 20 and then it was all sets of 10.


He’s immortal.


I guess I interpret deloads differently… If you coupled the push ups with pull ups then this could be its own CrossFit benchmark workout.


@biker Thanks man!

@kckfl349 No joke! Chest was super swollen. Taking the shower afterwards was tricky: couldn’t get my arms over my head, haha.

@JMaier31 I tend to do push ups twice a year: once for Murph, and once for an annual physical fitness test, but of which happen in May. However, fun fact: when I was about 19, I set a goal to do as many push ups as possible in 1 set, allowing myself to rest in the top position. I eventually worked up to 400. It took about 20 minutes to do the set, as the first 200 were “easy” and after that it sucked greatly, and the day after I got 400 I wondered when the hell I was going to ever stop, so I didn’t pursue a greater number than that. HOWEVER, ever since that time, I’ve never needed to do another push up to be able to still perform a solid number. The max I needed on my fitness test for a number of years was 68 in under a minute, and I’d usually finish with 20 seconds to spare, and that was after a full year since my last set of push ups. I think, on some level, I just permanently set a high capacity in my body from all the time in my youth.

I WILL be doing push ups in my new training plan though, since it’s part of the program, but at the very end of the day, as something of a burn out.

And you don’t interpret deloads differently at all: I’m just really bad at them, haha. You could definitely do a push/pull version of this. Might actually give you a little more rest to alternate each time. That “Blackjack” workout I did a little while back was somewhat similar.

@littlesleeper I am the worst kind of immortal, because I’ll just keep falling apart and never dying, haha.


Jesus fucking Christ you’re a mutant. I did something similar with pull ups, but I couldn’t imagine hitting 200 push ups in one set much less 400. Guess now I have something to push towards though. If I can get 401 in one set and video it, will young Emevas come out and break it? Because that would be amazing. Haha