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Rebirth of the Juggernaut: Post Knee Reconstruction


Awesome work man congrats!

Dude I thought you were a big guy, but Z makes you look tiny. So crazy to see that visual lol.

After everything you learned from this event, do you think your going to alter how you train for some of your events?

Awesome work though man, can’t wait to try my first strongman this year.


Awesome work man!


I’ll just chime in here man.
Congrats, I hope you’re satisfied with second.
Awesome job man, just got out for bed, on my way to work. Read it through having my second cup of coffee.
Will enjoy the video later.
You’re a strong dude, but small (compared to Kaz :slight_smile: )
Only kidding man.


Congratulations on the awesome performance! Saw the video yesterday and was already looking forward to the write up. Well done!


Well done man! Sounds like a bear of a competition.

Were you allowed chalk on the natural stones?




@losthog Thanks man! This has been a great show both years I’ve done it. One of the fastest and smoothest I’ve ever been a part of.

@alex_yu Thanks!

@isdatnutty Thanks dude! I’m starting to develop a collection of competitors dwarfing me in photos, haha. Kaz is still awesome. This isn’t going to change much about my training, mainly because my training changes based off the competition I’m training for. Biggest thing I’ve taken is to strike a balance between carrying and loading. With my next one coming up, I’m going to spend a LOT of time on the stones. Best of luck in your first comp!

@duketheslaya Thanks!

@mortdk Appreciate you reading through it all dude. And no kidding necessary; Kaz is still huge at 64. I’m honestly starting to think he’s not actually human, haha.

@Koestrizer Thanks dude! Always great to keep spreading the strongman presence and love here.

@mr.v3lv3t It was the exact sorta competition I needed. Old school, and lots of brute strength. Chalk was allowed on the stones. I’m not sure how much it helped, but I used some on my hands and forearms. The stones were jagged enough that slipping wasn’t an issue.

@littlelee Thank you!



Log viper and press away

NG chins

Band Pull aparts


Axle continental and press away 123

Axle rows 123

Reverse hyper 180

Notes: First one back after competing, took it easy. Hands are still a little torn up, so was a touch shy on the log cleans. Focused on getting it high on the chest, because that fell apart at the competition. Shoulders and right tricep are a little achy. Just got some blood flowing, but excited about this training cycle.

Woke up at 194.2. Going to see if I can get this down to 190 for Murph/fitness test, and then ride it back up again.


A climbers dream haha. Thanks for the recap man.


Great result, congrats!


I’m blown away at the difference in our bilateral overhead, yet the much smaller gap between the circus dumbbell. Just more proof that its a silly implement.


I can remember Kaz being about 3 average sized guys. He’s slimmed down a bit but he’s still BIG. He makes you look normal, but strong. Congrats on your lifts.


I thought that as well. All of Pwnisher’s (overhead) lifts are miles higher than mine, still I got 50 kg in the circus db pretty easy on my first try ever. Not to speak for Pwnisher but I suspect it is because he mainly relies on brute strength in his pressing where I (and probably you as well) are more technical/ explosive?


@mattjp Thanks dude!

@biker At 64, it’s just incredible, but Kaz in his prime was otherworldly. And it’s crazy to think he would be a “little guy” in today’s world of strongman. Much appreciated man!

@brady888 and @Koestrizer The technique angle is a big part of it, and one of the reasons I’m not a big fan of the CDB, but the other element is the CDB itself. You can see that the one in the video is comically oversized, with something like 12.75" diameter ends. Mine at home is the same. On a 10" bell, I can move WAY more weight, but the larger the bell gets, the trickier it becomes to move anything decent with it.


Didn’t get to the video last night, so watched it with my morning coffee.
That was some awesome work you put in there man.

The write up was pretty accurate to the video.

The last event the stair thing, you were just flying through and then you just somehow lost balance, damn.
But hey great job.

Next event?

EDIT: why not take the CDB for just one rep, every week. It’s bound to show up again.


Appreciate it dude, glad you liked the video. That 375 was tossing me around the whole time on the stairs and it was basically a controlled fall for each rep. Looking at the video, I should have reset after the first rep to get into better position for the next 2, because that is where it fell off the rails, but you make some split second decisions and try to force stuff sometimes.

Next event is the CA Mid-state Fair’s Strongest Man in Jul. I’m competing up a weight class, but it’s another show that plays well for me. Log clean and press away, car deadlift, carry medley, stone series and keg toss. Gonna need to invest a lot of time on that keg toss, as I’m weak at it.

For the CDB, it’s a cost/benefit thing. Pressing an unloaded CDB is different than a loaded one, so it’s not like I’ll be able to get anything out of pressing the bell unloaded. This will mean I’ll need to work up to a heavy single, which means having to take the time in a training session to gradually ramp the weight up. This it turn cuts into my training time for other things that definitely need to be improved for the competition, or things that I’d frankly rather do than the CDB. I’ll most likely include the CDB on some occassions when I get a wild hair, and I have room for extra pressing assistance on my bench day, but right now I need to get a 265 log for multiple reps in a few months, so my focus is going to be on static strength, stability and leg drive.




(12) Chain suspended buffalo bar squat

Keg bearhug and carry



Neck harness 45

Band pull aparts

Buffalo Bar squats 240

Notes: I really like how this broke down. The giant sets of squat, carry and dip were fairly taxing but not exhausting. I’m using the bearhug carry to prep for a hussafel like event in my July competition. The keg is tough to carry that way, because of the wide diameter and slippery nature. Also, I can actually load the keg and make it heavier, since I’m carrying it upright. I threw my weight vest into the top this time, and I can always use small plates as well. Pretty excited about that. I was feeling pretty weak today, which might just be a result of training post comp. That topset of squats took a lot, and I was totally gassed after that set of 20. I still had a lot of room to play with movements on this training day though, so I may figure out some more stuff to work in, but in general I like it.

Woke up at 194.4. Weight loss has been pretty easy.



Treadmill run

Incline: 1
Speed: 7.5
Distance: 1.5 miles
Time: 12:00

Notes: Holy cow I’m out of shape. Thankfully I have a full month before my fitness test and a little more time before Murph. Maybe I can blame it on it being leg day today.


I’m really careful about adwise for you my friend, you seem to know what you’re doing.
As for getting in to shape Tabata running is the shit.
8 rounds of 20 seconds sprint 10 seconds rest. That is going to work wonders, do that once or twice a week, and you should be good.


Appreciate that dude. I’m a big fan of the tabata protocol. I use it a lot for events. Right now, I’m trying to condition myself for the misery of running for sustained periods of time. I’m good to sprint and recover, but keeping it up for long durations is my current weakness. Plan is to either up the incline, the speed, or strap on the weighted vest for the next month and let my ability keep improving.



Axle bench press

Pull ups

Band pull aparts


DB press pyramid (no rest between sets)

Kelso shrugs 50lbs
50 reps

Axle curls

Miniband pressdowns

Notes: Was feeling pretty beat up coming into this, so I played it easy. Still getting the body accustomed to this style of training, but so far I’m a fan of the room I have for assistance work. I brought back the Kelso shrugs because I realize this next competition is really going to tax my upperback, and to reference Paul Kelso, I’m going to need a back from the Planet Mongo. Bench was pretty weak, elbows weren’t happy, but I’m due to reset weight after this cycle, which will give me some room to play.

Woke up at 194.4.


Nice job on the comp man! I’ve been more of a lurker than a poster lately, but have been following along.