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Rebirth of the Juggernaut: Brute Force and Ignorance

Got in a 2 mile 80lb vest walk with the dog after work. Then loaded up the battle wagon for fun tomorrow morning


Wondered what happened to that… Hadn’t seen it in your log for awhile. Nice to see it’s coming back out!

Yeah, schedule made it tough, since I train so early in the morning. Was easier when I could just push it outside. But my new hours make it so I have enough time to drive it out somewhere quiet.

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Battle Wagon?


Can’t tell if your favorite marvel character is The Punisher or Juggernaut

I have a punisher tattoo, so that seals things, haha

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Is this a model or just a picture from the comic?
Also, I want to build one but that might alert the powers that keep us from having fun stuff.

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It’s a photo of an action figure toy.

Which is so funny how they marketed him to kids.

But on that note, my first exposure to the character was the arcade game when I was 9 years old…in a liquor store next door to where my dad did business, so it was a different era, haha


I remember getting pretzel sticks at the local liquor store when my dad went in once a week for a bottle of Jim Beam.

Ever play this before Pwn?


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@cyclonengineer How did we ever survive childhood? Haha


AM WORKOUT (0408 natural wake up) FASTED

Prowler Workout

As Many Rounds As Possible:
5 double KB front squats w/45lb bells
High handle prowler push for 60 paces (prowler loaded w/90lbs)

22 rounds completed in 40 minutes

5 round circuit of

10 chins (various grips)
5 standing ab wheels
10 dips
10 unloaded reverse hypers

25 reverse hyper leg curls
25 band pushdowns
50 pull aparts

Notes: Thinking of calling this workout “Litvinopes”, because the front squat reps aren’t quite enough and this workout absolutely sucks and you don’t want to do it. Didn’t need nearly the amount of plates that I packed, but I came up with this workout while I was getting ready for bed last night and just kinda figured it out once I showed up. I had the KBs set at the 60 paces point, so for some rounds I had to run back to the prowler or back to the bells to start. No rest between rounds: just kept going until I ran out of time. This one is a keeper, and I love how I can play around with it. I could up the front squat reps to 8 (didn’t do it today as I’m trying to bring my legs back up in time for deads tomorrow rather than murder them), I could clean each rep, thrusters, low handles on the prowler, drags, etc etc.

Got in the daily work at the end. Found a VERY close parking lot for this, so that’s handy to have.


I wanna talk about this morning a bit more, because it was honestly awesome.

My workout was fasted because I “overslept”, which is to say my insomnia got me up at 0400 vs 0300, which is a win all around. I got like 7 hours of sleep last night which is the most I’ve had in a LONG time.

Truck was already loaded up and my clothes were waiting for me, so I just booked it downstairs, grabbed a stick of gum to get the morning out of my mouth (hardcore intermittent fasters are already clucking their tongues at me here), threw the KBs into the passenger side of the truck and hit the road.

There is a fork where, if I turn right, I can go to the Dick’s Sporting Goods parking lot I went to for my last AM prowler workout, while going left took me to a local high school parking lot. Today, I decided on left, and found out it was the right call: much shorter commute. Took like 2 minutes.

Rapidly unloaded the truck and hit the workout. It’s FINALLY fall, so the air was crisp and somewhere in the low 40s. I started off in a long sleeve shirt, cereberus strongman shorts and an Ironmind beanie, and after 3 rounds ditched the beanie and after 10 rounds ditched the shirt. Was exhilarating feeling the chill as I trained.

The workout was a lung breaker, but the best part was the after: hit the shower, booked it downstairs, made breakfast for my kid, and then made a warrior’s breakfast for myself. Since I didn’t have breakfast before training AND I hit the prowler, my appetite was ready, so I got to combine first and second breakfast into 1 meal.

2 whole organic free range eggs with a splash of egg whites, 2.1oz of grassfed ground beef (mixed with chilipowder, garlic salt, chopped onions and paprika), tomatoes from my wife’s family’s farm, half an avocado, grassfed butter and some fat free cheese served on an eggwhite wrap slathered in sunbutter as part of my morning breakfast burrito alongside 4 stalks of celery topped with Nuts n More, a warm mug of cashew milk and an energy drink. Having a breakfast burrito every morning has honestly just been transformative: a small joy to always look forward to.

Got the kiddo off the school, stopped at McDonalds on the way home to get my Mrs a diet coke and my dog a sausage biscuit, made all my work meals, at more food, and here I am: working and eating.


Looks like a killer session, buddy. Lifting + prowler is such a wicked combo. I’d love to try it with deadlifts sometime.

I know you usually do those prowler workouts super early, but has anyone from the school given you the stink-eye?

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Thanks dude! Some sort of lift and then hitting the prowler is always magic. I should load up my log next time. I’ve been talking a big game about vipers and prowler being the only 2 movements you need: could put my money where my mouth is. Deads would be interesting. Trap bar would be a very natural fit I feel.

I’m there early enough that no one else is around, haha. If I’m later in the day, I actually hit up my kid’s school parking lot, at which point the folks there know me and go “Oh that’s just Pwn being Pwn”. But there are houses right off the parking lot and the prowler makes a raquet so I don’t want to do that in the AM.


Hey dude, how have your Titan crash pads held up over time?

@mr.v3lv3t They are rough looking but still answering the mail, and I’m not treating them nice at all! Lots of drops from overhead and stones/kegs. I actually bought a second set of them, since I’m such a fan. Titan seems to be having more hits than misses these days.

AM WORKOUT (0405 natural wake up, good sleep)

CIRCUIT (no rest between exercises) of chin-abs-chin-neck-chin-shrug-repeat

Chins (various grips)

Standing ab wheel

Neck harness 55lbs
3 sets

Kelso shrugs w/swiss bar 125lbs
4 sets

CIRCUIT of rows-dips-pulls

Axle rows against light bands


Band pull aparts

SUPERSET shrugs-pulls

Axle shrugs against short average bands


Kroc rows 115

Notes: Getting the bodybuilding work done first with deads slated for once the family wakes up. Keeping up this trend. Really fighting myself NOT to throw in some sort of conditioning gasser, but I wanna come into deads strong today as it’s my heaviest day and I’d like to close out this week with a W. I like what I came up with on the Kelso’s using the swiss bar. Each set I’d use a different hand spacing, and for the final set I rotated between all 3. I pulled from my yoke with the j-hooks set low and my head braced on my reverse hyper to maintain torso angle, which might actually be a decent bent over row set up now that I think about it: will have to give that some more doing next time and see how it flies.



Texas Deadlift Bar touch and go Deadlifts
4+1x515 (12 breath rest pause)
5x10x405 (20:00 total, started with 2:00 between sets and ended with 2:55)

Reverse hypers 180

Notes: Continued trend of top end strength not being awesome but BBB work getting done. I’m celebrating the victories, but learning the lessons too. That 4+1 was “eyeball on cheeks”, to steal a phrase from Jasha Faye. I miss the strength, but glad to still have the intensity in me.


Finished the day with an 80 rep set of 135lbs on high handle trap bar pulls after mowing the lawn for an hour and then took the dog for a 2 mile walk. Lots of activity. Went out for wings and devoured everything in front of me. That primalism is coming back, especially post deads.