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Rebirth of the Juggernaut: Brute Force and Ignorance

Forgot to come back to this, but I remember learning this as I looked it up. Definitely off putting to some. I think about the only limit I have on fish is things with a lot of bones. If I’m gonna deal with bones, it’s gotta be ribs.

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Very sorry to hear about your dog, man.
I’ve buried three so far and it’s definitely painful. Although you can maybe take solace in the knowledge that he had a fulfilled life and you were there for him. That helped me when my beloved dog died last year.

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This reasoning makes sense to me. It’ll just add to the recovery needs that day already imposed but it won’t really interrupt any ongoing recovery if the volume ends up being high.

Does it change at all, for you, on the following day? I.e., let us consider the day after that squat workout, would you do a lot of lunges? I’m guessing for you specifically lunges wouldn’t run the risk of impacting your recovery, as you are undoubtedly tremendously fit, but do you at all consider that you’ll negatively impact recovery with anything?

I feel as if I’ve read your log enough to “assume” that the answer is something along the lines of, maybe it’ll set you back for a short while but the body will adapt, and eventually you won’t have to care but I always feel as if I learn things when I read this log so I prefer asking as it is your thought process that I’m curious about.

Sorry about the passing of your dog. Lost a few non-human family members and it hurts.

Sorry to hear about your dog brother

Thoughts are with you and your family

@Koestrizer Much appreciated dude. That dog led a charmed life, no question. I think it’s unfortunately what did him in too, but I can’t imagine it going any other way.

@ChongLordUno Thanks dude. Very much appreciated.

@Voxel It’s actually good that you ask, because my answer is a little different than that. I wouldn’t do a lot of lunges in general for conditioning, just because I don’t consider that to really be a conditioning workout. That’s assistance work: I save that for the strength workout. But will I do lower body conditioning the day after lower body strength work? Absolutely! And not because it won’t set me back too much, but the opposite: it will push me forward!

Intelligently selected conditioning work should actually have a restorative effect. it will promote bloodflow to the recovering area and get it to come back quicker. This was actually something key for when I was doing Deep Water: I’d do thruster based workouts for the next 2 days post squatting to make sure I could get blood into my legs and get them to bounce back sooner. The prowler is similar in that regard. The lack of eccentric is key.

It does need to be intelligent though. If I absolutely nuke them, it’s not going to help, but if I push them hard enough to work and get a pump then they will bounce back quicker.


23 chins

GIANT SETS (press-chin-pull)

Axle clean and push press away
6x196 (+1 rep PR)

Log viper press (each rep from floor) 155
11+6+5 (2 rep PR)+5 strict press

Chins (various grips)

Band pull aparts

Axle bench press
9+5+4x256 (2 rep PR)

Followed immediately w/50 dips rest pause+25 band pushdowns

Followed immediately w/DB lateral stripset

20xEmpty Hands
1:50 crucifix hold

Axle rows against bands
15+8+9 (4 rep PR)+20 no bands

20 ab wheels
40 reverse hypers
22 reverse hyper leg curls

Notes: Sleep has been a bit rough as the family still figures things out. Missed the clean on the first attempt at 196 but got it on the second. Went with log for the backoff set because it was quieter than the axle and I didn’t want to be clanging and banging so early in the morning. Still seeing progress. Have to be a bit more mindful during those lateral raises and make sure I’m hitting the intended target.

Pleased to have figure out those leg curls. Basically set up like a reverse hyper and then bend at the knee vs the hip. It’s at least SOMETHING I can do for some easy direct hamstring training in the interim. Definitely needs to come back.

Tang Soo Do later tonight, and some sort of conditioning in the interim. Typically axle grace, but tomorrow is a heavy deadlift day and doing a bunch of cleans beforehand might be stupid. Thinking maybe 100 thrusters for time or something similar.


I half expected to see you listed as a category over in the “Ask Me Anything” site, but you’re already running one here.

Incredible energy.


@biker Much appreciated dude. I’m like a shark: if I stop moving, I die, haha.

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Excellent reply! Trying to eye some intelligent conditioning work at the moment. Wodwell is cool, but thrusters for you with those weights and thrusters for me at those weights are going to be at very different intensity levels!

@kleinhound you did a DB program once to build your engine, anything in there that you revisit for conditioning nowadays?

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Just gotta scale it dude. I do that with a bunch of workouts.

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That’s valid. Appreciate your correspondence, man.

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Nah not really my man, it definitely worked and I’m sure If I went back to that ebook I could pluck some good stuff from it.

There was one that was just 100 alternating db get ups and it made me feel like I’d had a stroke. So I’ll probably give that another crack in the future

Catching up on some logs, sorry to hear about the pup man.

And to leave on a lighter note, I find it humourous that you managed only a single extra rep using leg drive on your presses. Truly a barbarian.

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Much appreciated dude. I’ve got NO explosiveness at 0300. Get a few meals in me and we’ll talk, haha.


Not sure if you time your workouts, but how long did this take you? Always impressed but the sheer volume of work you put into your lifting sessions, but I know your a busy guy so I can’t imagine they are too greatly extended period of time…. Which means you gotta be booking it through these workouts, which honestly is itself just as impressive as the weights lifted

Appreciate it dude. This one took right about 75 minutes. My cut off time is 0436, so often, if I have time left, I’ll fill in the gaps with something.


10 95lb thrusters, EMOM for 10 rounds

Notes: Simple. Got me 100 thrusters, which is good, because my legs are sore from squats.


I love how oddly specific this is, and also the fact that my cutoff time in the AM is literally 0438 lol

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It’s the damndedt thing. I NEVER see 0435 on my phone when I check it. It’s always 0436. Just wild, haha

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For me, 0435 just seems too damn early, so 0438 makes me feel better about it because at least I get to be a little late to the too early time.

Does that logic hold up? No.

Will I use it anyway? Absolutely

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Hey man, at 3 sessions a week, that’s 468 extra minutes of training. Assuming 75 minute sessions, that’s like getting in an extra 6 sessions, or 2 training weeks. Definitely checks!

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I feel like we’ve sort of moved past it, so not to drag the conversation back to a sore subject, but condolences on the pup. Still love the image of a jacked dude walking pugs.

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