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Rebirth of the Juggernaut: Brute Force and Ignorance

can it be welded ?

Juice wouldn’t be worth the squeeze. It was a cheapo “Yukon Fitness” model


The fact it’s survived since 2009 with 3 moves is honestly rather amazed.

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Actually got some photos from sparring night

Me leg checking


Stalking the opponent


Look how leggy I am being

It was one 2 minute round, but in truth I had a TON of fun. I’ve just missed this. Despite being told “no contact”, I just plain couldn’t do that, and the instructor didn’t seem to mind. I struggled a little because I had to remember what moves I had been officially taught so I didn’t break out something “above my level” and give away the game. Despite that, my wife commented “Your Muay Thai was showing”, haha. Tons to work on, but just really brought back something in me.

That century gear is still goofy after all these years, haha.

Ok, on to today’s work


AM WORKOUT (0515 wake up via dog, 0650 workout)

Axle bench press 256

Close grip bench press 221

(3) DB incline bench 100s
1x7+immediate burnout set of dips

1xF+immediate burn out set of push ups

Push ups
1xF+slingshot set+catapult set

Notes: 2:40 between benching, 2:00 between dips and push ups. Got in 10 band pull aparts between all sets of benching as well. Was really strong in today’s bench workout: kinda nice to have that. Saw growth all around despite the short rests.

Got a night shift today. Gonna try to get in some conditioning somewhere.


Still been following along on Vaca man, you are absolutely demolishing right now dude

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@boilerman Really appreciate you taking the time to do that while away my dude. Great to have your support!

Forgot to log that I did 100 fasted KB swings with the 40kg bell this morning.


20 seconds on/10 seconds off for 10 minutes of the following

Odd round: Stone of Steel to shoulder
Even round: Burpees

Notes: This is just awesome. The stone shouldering/burpee combo could easily slot into Juarez Valley one day too. Full body one way and then full body the other.

Plan is to do a tabata Devil’s press before work tonight. Rumor is that internet might be down at the worksite, so logging now in case I’m dark.


Does deep water intermediate feel any harder than the beginner one?

Significantly so. You’re using heavier weight.

Also, quick food porn Pic of something I am bringing as part of my work food today

11oz of turkey breast with Miracle fettuccine noodles, spinach and wardens zero cal Alfredo sauce

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Your food choices fascinate me sometimes.

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Shift work really makes it weird. Since I am just working 1 night shift I am going to be awake for more than 24 hours, which means I miss out on 7 hours of fasting, so I keep calories per meal light on these days so I can maintain meal frequency and keep my body in rhythm without feeling bloated and miserable.

Took a lot of figuring to get here, haha.

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Got those devils presses knocked out with 55s. That movement is just plain magic with Tabata.

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@kdjohn You’ll be pleased to know it turns out I made a meal so bad even I wouldn’t eat it, haha. Think I undercooked it. The spinach was still VERY earthy. I’ve made that meal before without issue, but today was a bust.



20 rounds of bear hug 150lb power keg carries

Odd rounds: end with 6 alternating KB snatches w/45lb bell
Even rounds: end with 10 40kg KB swings

Time: 24:00

90 second rest

6 “victory laps” holding the keg crossbody, no setting the keg down

Notes: Wasn’t going for speed: Just wanted to get my body used to the feeling of the bear hug carry again. This was absolutely brutal. Spent time between rounds stopping myself from vomiting before getting to the next round. Definitely one of those workouts where, on the first round, you realize you probably bit off more than you could chew. Think this should help prep me for the huss stone.


Got in a 30 minute 80lb weighted vest walk. Sun was helpful for staying awake. Struggling this time around, but thankfully I get a little break before I do it again. Gonna try Juarez Valley tomorrow.


Busy day today. Wife ran her 35th half marathon in celebration of her upcoming 35th birthday, and then we went to the zoo to meet up with family, so LOTS of walking and not eating. Got in all my daily work, and then did this

20 seconds on/10 seconds off
8 rounds of Devil’s press with 55lbs
8 rounds of 40kg KB swings
8 rounds of burpees

Basically took the “50s” workout and made it tabata. Very effective. Have to stay focused and push the whole time though.

Juarez valley tomorrow, or something adjacent. Been thinking about doing a ladder style workout, starting at 1, 5 burpees, 2, 5 burpees, 3, etc until fail, then start over at one and repeat. I feel like it would have a similar effect.

On that note, I’m reaching the point in an effective training cycle where I start self-destructing and wanting to do ANYTHING but what I’m doing. It’s the damndest thing, but happens often. I’m so excited about being able to NOT eat like it’s my job soon, but I can’t start that early, because the REAL hard work will be these next 2 weeks. I work a 12 hour night shift tomorrow, so that’s a thing.


AM WORKOUT (0545 wake up via dog) FASTED

TOWER OF BABEL (Punished for your pride) Front Squats 225 w/5 6 count burpees between sets

Time: 25:02

Notes: Split the difference on Juarez Valley and ladders and went for a pyramid instead. Really wasn’t feeling it this morning, so kept the weight on the lighter side, which was the right call. This is a sneaky workout. Whereas Juarez kicks you in the nuts right from the start and you just hold on until it’s over, you develop a false sense of confidence early into this, and THEN the worst part is you keep going to the well and finding MORE reps each time you do. I can see this being a regular as well.

MAY get in some more conditioning before work today, but this was the priority so I’m glad I knocked it out.


I got tired reading this. Definitely shows me my conditioning is way off.


@cyclonengineer Everyone’s is, haha. @flappinit says hard work is magic, and he’s absolutely right, and conditioning is one of the many manifestations of hard work. It’s magic when you get it in a good spot. My experience with Deep Water this time around is proving that. It’s still a hard program, but not the world ender it once was, and a big part of that is I can recover between sets MUCH better.

But BOY do I hate the nonsense I come up with to “up the dose” on conditioning…


9 rounds, 20 seconds on/10 seconds off
Round 1: 40kg KB swings
Round 2: 45lb KB snatches
Round 3: Burpees

Notes: got in all my daily work today as well. Proud of that considering the compressed schedule.

Squatpocolypse in about 14 hours. Not even sweating it. Squats have become a punch the clock thing these days. It’s nuts. On that note, missed out on belt squats today due to circumstances, but I’m not too worried about that. Final 2 weeks of the 26 week stretch. Nothing but success. Biggest challenge has been keeping up with the eating. Proud of the work arounds I came up with while traveling. I’m definitely burning out and slacking nutritionally, but thankfully the results of that slacking is I look leaner. My shoulders have absolutely exploded: go Deep Water. I’ve also got this cool permanent scaly skin on my shoulders from all the front squatting.

Coming up with gameplans for dropping weight over the next 6 weeks. Phase 1 is going to be just cutting out all the “extra” stuff I’ve added to my diet purely for calories. I have a VERY bland palate and zero issues with eating the same thing everyday, so I’ve actually made a conscious effort to ADD stuff to my food just to get in more nutrients. Grassfed butter, sour cream, TONS of avocado (I appreciate the texture, but genuinely can’t taste it in food), fat free cheese, etc. I’ve also added “junk food” in the form of VERY dark chocolate which, once again, I don’t particularly enjoy and could easily part with. I feel like those small changes will be enough to get the ball rolling. From there, just reduce some portion sizes and make some swaps. Big thing to remember is to NOT drop my saturated fats too low this time.


When you are done with the final 2 weeks of this block what is next ? How long till the comp?

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Comp is on 25 Sep. I’ll be training for it once these 2 weeks are up. Kicking around a few different ideas, 1 being DoggCrapp with a strongman bent, one being back to SVR II and one being Widowmaker Circuits, everything modified to suit competition.

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You’re one of the literal manifestations of that saying. You’ve put in so much work that people either fear for your safety or outright accuse you of steroid abuse. The cool part about that is, when someone thinks you must be on gear to be where you’re at, the implication is, absent magic, you can’t have gotten that way naturally.

Must be magic.

P.S. “so much work” includes the eating.