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Rebirth of the Juggernaut: Brute Force and Ignorance

Such a human thing to create something so capable of giving happiness, then find a way to remove all the joy from it.

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That is too good of a quote!

Well, after a little experimentation, it looks like I get to add “mushrooms” to my list of “do not eat”. F**k things are getting too restrictive.


Probably so, for sure. My concern would be having a one dimensional view of success. I believe we’ve discussed balance in life before.




Times: 2:48, 1:32

Notes: Ran Grace, rested 2 minutes, then ran half of it (15 reps). Gave it a dumb name. I like what I’ve come up with here. 2 minutes rest was actually a bit too long: 90 seconds next time. Fantastic way to make the heart explode.

Had wings again for a cheat meal. I’m craving flesh off the bone a lot more. Aggression is coming back again. Been watching MMA and missing it. Ahh: Deep Water.


Yeah. They can be pretty disruptive. There are some I get in the fall that will blow up even the most resilient digestive tract.

Tasty but volatile.

Relating to this whole segment of the convo, even though it has been about 15 years.
This is kinda a great place to be, but also has its drawbacks.

I used to be the post-meeting donut disposal. People would say very similar things. “Give them to him. He just turns it in to muscle…”. Yeah, after a day of cutting trees, got home and lifted, jumped on my bicycle and rode to a meeting, :rofl: Also gonna ride my butt back home.

Yep. Donuts-> Muscle! Just like that!


This reminded me of a work trip I took years ago. I spent three weeks away in the hotel so I brought a shaker bottle and planned to just get a tub of protein when I was there.

I went to the GNC across the street and had the following conversation:

“Hey man welcome, you’re only here for protein right?”
“Yeah that’s all that’s worth buying here”.

Then he showed me the brand that had the least sugar and fillers at a decent price and which flavors to avoid that tasted like chemicals. It was a really solid shopping experience haha.


Not sure if I said before but years ago back in the UK , my misses used to work for a guy who had his own supplement business. I also knew him from the gym. I used to get all my supplements at cost which meant I tried lots of different things. I also used to be the taste tester for new products. Wife would come home with a bunch of different protein bars in zip lock plastic bags with hand written names and flavours of them. I would eat them and provide quality feedback, like the raspberry one taste like soap mixed with oil or the orange one tastes like the smell of toilet cleaner, or the peanut one is actually pretty good give me some more of that one please.
The company was garnell nutrition, I think they are still around in the Uk.