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Rebirth of the Juggernaut: Brute Force and Ignorance

I like Fran. Fran is fun. Good solid work bud

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400 lbs Krock rows incoming!

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I respectfully disagree- although, 21-15-9-5 is a beautiful rep scheme

@alex_uk I genuinely had no perspective of the scale of it when I ordered it. It’s pretty nuts. I’m excited to give it a place of honor in my 9 bar holder, with the EZ curl bar that I’ve never used getting kicked out.

@kleinhound Thanks dude! That means a lot from you. I think I can get that time down a bit once I loosen up on the thrusters.

@Koestrizer Hah! Rowinng remains one of my weakest lifts, so it’s going to be pretty underwhelming, but I’m excited for the potential it opens up. Gotta keep my eyes open for more little plates.

Got in my daily stuff this morning: 28 GHRs, 30 band pull aparts, and this time did 50 chins in 3 sets (34 NG, 10 wide grip NG, 6 close grip NG). My right shoulder has been clicking on chins for a few weeks now. No pain, but just another data point. Otherwise, I promised myself that this morning I’d allow myself to just sit on the couch, eat my yogurt, drink my energy drink, and ease into the day. I’ve been feeling pretty beat to hell, and I imagine that my training is outpacing my nutrition. I’m just excited to be able to train hard again, but I gotta be smart-ish about it. I’ll be carbing up tomorrow, which will be good. Running with the Mrs later today. Left calf is still acting up, so we both agreed that, if need be, we’ll take it slow, and even transition to a walk instead of a run. Race is coming up on 1 Nov and I haven’t trained for it nearly as well as I did the first one.

On that subject, I leave on a business trip soon. I’m totally being “that guy” and packign a suitcase full of bodybuilder food: packets of tuna and riced cauilflower, no sugar beef jerky, canned chicken/tuna, various nuts, and quest bars. People like to eat out for every meal at these things, and it gets expensive and stupid. I anticipate losing some weight as a result, which will give me more room to rebound. Will do my best to hit the gym, but it’s why I’ve been cramming in so much lifting. Otherwise, I’ll have opportunities to train my run. I don’t intend to hop on a treadmill, and will just log in some miles.

Another morning of mixed powdered PB and protein in the yogurt. The chocolate and PB combo isn’t quite a Reece’s cup, but it’s not bad. I bet I could work some magic with some steevia and cocoa powder if I was so inclined.


I’ve noticed you’re running quite a bit more these past few months
Any tips on how to deal with sore knees?
Also, how do you manage to run after all those hard workouts?

I’m honestly just curious how you work

I’m actually only running once a week, and I’ve kept the pace and mileage low. I’m not running at a pace that requires me to breathe out of my mouth, so I’m nowhere near exhaustion. The same is true for my training: I’ve throttled back significantly during this period of calorie restriction, and am now ramping up the training because I am exiting that phase.

When I push the mileage and the pace, I up the calories so that I can recover from training, which necessitates growth in bodyweight. This will also help with knee soreness.

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I can’t even seem to manage that :sweat_smile:
Running feels good mentally, but the day after workouts, my legs just go on strike
I’ll see what upping calories does

That is because you are chronically undernourished due to an eating disorder.


@simo74 Are we supposed to get sore knees from running? I find I have two running styles, one that causes sore knees but seem to keep my hamstring safe and then my natural running style that never causes sore knees but also causes more stress on my hammie. FWIW I tend to run with somewhat minimal footwear and strike on the ball of my feet.

Thrusters are a weird thing right, I actually dropped a chunk of time when I actively slowed them down and got into a rhythm…if you try to go to fast you almost turn the press into a jerk and end up having to slow down to catch and reset it. If you’ve ever done a wallball before an efficient thruster will kind of go the same, you’ll be starting to front squat as you receive the bar down

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You would probably also enjoy “heavy Fran”
135lb thrusters
45lb chin ups

I’d imagine you’d probably be doing
225lb thrusters and
155lb chins lol

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@kleinhound I feel like that should be named “Rosie” in honor of the ACDC song, haha. Haven’t done any wallballs, but I get where you’re coming from. I’m sure a little practice will go far.


5.3 mile run and 1.2 mile walk

Notes: The smoke from the CA fires has reached us and made outdoor breathing a little sucky. I’m not moving fast on these outside runs, but I’m also not feeling out of breath doing them. My body doesn’t like the running, but I’m confident I can gut out the race, and I have time to prep for it from there.

Announced it in the other thread, but I got a sweet swag package from biotest


I may pack those finibars for my work trip and make them something I eat as my pre-training meal on high carb days.


I my opinion is that you shouldn’t get knee pain from running but I am far from a medical professional. Knee pain is a bit general and can be due to many different factors. Can you be more specific about where the pain is.
My general advise is to look at your feet/footware first. Getting fitted with a good pair of running shoes that are right for your feel and whether you under or over pronate is the best thing to do. I have very flat feet so minimal type shoes would be a disaster for me. I need lots of support when running and chose a shoe that gives me that.
The other thing that a lot of people do is try to do too much too fast. If you are getting sore from running try running in softer surfaces like a grass oval and build the amount of running you do slowly. You tendons and ligaments need time to adjust and generally take longer to adapt then you muscles and cardio system does. Try a run walk strategy where you run 1min walk 3min. Next week do 2 and 2 and then 3 and 1 etc.

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(5) Mat pulls touch and go
8+3+3+3x495+chains (rest pausing 12 deep breaths between sets)

GIANT SETS (dead-row-chin-neck)

(1) Deficit 2 count double pause deadlift (pause on the way up and on the way down just below the knee) 315

T-bar row 160

NG chins (various grips)

Neck harness 55

T-bar row dropset
13x3 plates
13x2 plates
13x1 plate


150lb keg carry



20 minute weighted vest walk with dogs

Notes: 90 second rests between giant sets and conditioning. Lower back was still pretty stiff coming into this, but I was pretty shocked with the drop off on the topset of mat pulls. Most likely just pushing myself too hard. I’m also stupidly carb depleted by the time I get to this workout in the week: was feeling dead. I carb up beforehand and am eating post workout carbs, but I may need to play with post workout carbs in the meal of the workout BEFORE this one to make sure I am good to go. Something to experiment with.

Made up for it with an extra rest pause. I kinda liked that idea. I was hitting those triples without too much issue. May be the way forward.

Also, after the final set on deads was done I said out loud “f**k you body”, so that’s where I am at these days.

Original plan for conditioning was stupid high power cleans, but it dawned on me that keg carries like this would be more time under tension. Still room for cleans later, but I really like this approach to stuff.


I’ll have you know I stood in the peanut butter isle for 10 minutes at Publix looking for this infamous T-nation PBfit. All I could find was the powder. Looks like it’s been the powder all along :man_facepalming: Maybe I am not worthy


Now I’m wondering what you were looking for otherwise, haha.

I’ve been using a product recently called “Naked PB” that you can get on amazon. I like it even more, just because it’s ONLY peanut flour. I can add salt and sweetner if I want, or leave it alone. But PBFit is easier to get a hold of.

You know, the gooshie brown stuff that everybody knows as peanut butter :joy:

Man I miss that stuff, haha. I may actually start eating natural PB soon: I fear I may be on the way to re-trigger my almond allergy with how frequently I eat almond butter.

Publix has about 300 types of gooshie nut goodness. Surly you can find one that has the nutritional label you require.

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They have that texture due to a high fat content. That’s helpful for getting in supplemental fats, but doesn’t work well with a low fat breakfast/shake, which is why I use the powder.

But I tend to hit up Costco or Sam’s club and buy in bulk. Sam’s has better almond butter: not nearly as runny. Haven’t had a chance to look at natural peanut butters and compare.

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