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Rebirth of the Juggernaut: Brute Force and Ignorance (Part 1)

Why do you feel the need to have a cheat meal?

It seems that you are careful to eat enough, getting all the nutrients you need and don’t feel deprived psychologically.

You have asked me this question frequently and I have answered as such. I don’t feel I can adequately explain at this point.

On the other hand, wings are a pretty awesome cheat meal and it’s a solid decision haha.


If I may, @anna_5588, sometimes a system is more than the sum of its parts. For me, at least, the idea of a “cheat meal”, is enough that I don’t have to stress out the rest of my life.

This hobby is not my life priority, and certainly not the priority of the other people it can impact, so it can’t intrinsically justify itself at all costs. If I’m always “on” (for really no reason), that runs a risk of punishing people that don’t deserve it; plus, I start see the “strict” meals as mandatory vs a choice. The cheat meal as part of a holistic system isn’t about nutrients or hormones or whatever as much as making this whole thing complete: the disciplined lifestyle makes me better for work/ family and work/ family, in turn, enable the lifestyle.

I’m not trying to speak for @T3hPwnisher, just to be clear; that’s just a benefit for me. You can “enjoy” anything when you know there’s something different coming up.


I don’t actually consider them a cheat. They are “on menu” for me. I get them without sauce, so it’s just bone in meat. But definitely yummy.

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Will log later, but deadlifting this is awesome

Also, here is my box jump “box” set up


That’s a lotta weight for those deads.

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Think you should try and get more weight on. Quality :joy:

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You ever grill hotdogs on that ninja thingy?

@simo74 Thanks man. Literally every bumper plate I own, haha. Which means it’s an optical illusion, but those are the best kind.

@tlgains Thanks dude. I haven’t used the ninja, but I’ve used other indoor grills for hot dogs. Since they’re pre-cooked, they’re pretty hard to biff. That said, these are the only hot dogs I’ll eat

I had to slum it with a Costco hot dog a few weeks ago and just couldn’t do it. I’m spoiled, haha.


Tabata burpees over bar

24 GHRs



Axle touch and go deadlifts

Swiss Bar bench press
5x125 (super close grip)
5x195 (close grip)
5x225 (close grip)
5x5x255 (normal grip)

20 standing ab wheels

DB rows 105
1x55 in 3:40

Poundstone curls

Reverse hyper 180

Pull aparts

Notes: Supersetted the deads and bench until I ran out of deads, then finished out the benching. With the axle loaded to the very ends, I had to really control the deads, which added an element of suck to it. Since my axle was occupied, I went with swiss bar benching, because barbell benching is lame and I’m so bad at swiss bar benching that it’s a challenge in and of itself. Unracking it still sucks and it’s especially brutal to bench with. I’d love it if I didn’t hate it.

The rows are some of the most taxing parts of this workout. The curls are always gnarly.

Got in the rest of my daily work.


Mate your podcast is past the 1k views mark on YT already. That’s not even taking Spotify and website downloads into account


That’s outstanding news dude! Glad to see it being received so well. I saw your tag for the challenge as well. It’s in my back pocket for sure; just a matter of timing and fixing my trash form, haha.

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Started the day off with a fasted 30 minute 80lb weighted vest walk with the dog, big breakfast, then some tabata burpees over bar. Plan to get in a daily work circuit mixed in with some ketteball fun later.


How do you find using this in comparison to regular bench or floor press? I’ve stopped conventional benching as whenever I rotate it in I tend to get banged up shoulders (which I’m still suffering with now) currently using floor press but thinking of purchasing a Swiss bar but never used one before

The swiss bar absolutely SUCKS for flat benching. I wasn’t joking when I said I would love it if I didn’t hate it. It’s just garbage. The biggest issue is the lack of rotating sleeves WHEN combined with neutral handles. Unracking the thing feels like tearing all your connective tissue off.

Once you get it in place, then it’s a balancing act throughout the rep because it’ll want to tip forward or backward the whole time, unless you end up getting the shortest handles ever. My goal on this training session was to use a hard variation of benching since it’s the lightest weight percentage of the week, so the swiss bar was great there, but for flat benching I’d rarely choose it.

Now, for some reason, ALL of that goes away when doing floor press and incline press with the thing. It works really well on those movements.



Came up with the name while I was putting on my shoes and giggled the whole time. You put on your armor, go get hit, go put your armor back on, rinse and repeat, and it goes on FOREVER, and no matter what, you die.

Starts off with 5 rounds of

10 chins
4 standing ab wheels
10 dips
8 reverse hypers w/50lbs

With armor between every movement, then

2x25 pull aparts
1x25 pushdowns

Then 10x5 burpees

STILL doing Armor between sets.

The burpee and armor superset is the star of the show. Whenever I need to blow myself out, that’s going to be what I do. The daily work portion was more just answering the mail.

Threw in a shoutout to @ChongLordUno before the burpees started. Ya’ll have infected me.


Absolutely love it mate. This workout is sheer brutality man. They should sticky this vid in BSL and direct the optimal crew towards it

What have you done to poor Joe!!!


A story of 2 bad ideas

Details to follow


Great job crazy Pwn. At what rep did you start to feel like crap on those squats?