Rebirth of the Juggernaut: Brute Force and Ignorance (Part 1)

I’ve been reading some of your blog (great stuff by the way) and am considering using straps for my last set of deadlifts for awhile (I use 5/3/1 and TnG if that matters) and was wondering how you keep your grip up to par. I know you do some CoC work and I have the Sport, Trainer, 1, and 2. I’ve just been doing one day of timed holds and one of drop sets for the past two weeks.

@Roran: Prior to my injury, one of my favorite ways to train my grip strength in a way that directly contributed to holding onto a bar was the knock a few 45s off after my last set of deads and then pull a DOH dead and hold for time. Once I got to around 90 seconds, I’d increase the weight. Along with training the grip, this teaches your body how to remain tight and strain under a weight for a long time, which is great for grinder pulls.

With the CoCs, I mix it up a bunch. I find that if I do the same routine too long/too often with them, I tend to experience some elbow and hand pain. Some workouts for reps, some for time, some low reps, etc etc. I was big into doing massive drop sets for a while, but I learned that timed holds really allowed me to focus on the last few mms of the gripper.

If you can, get a Rolling Thunder from Ironmind as well. It’s an amazing grip tool for sure.

Thanks for reading the blog!



53 seconds x #2

50 seconds x #1

70 seconds x Trainer

Notes: Grip is a little looser, but I think it’s the daily chins affecting it.

General notes: Woke up at 193.2 this morning. Plan later today is seated buffalo bar good mornings. Feeling fatigued from daily training, but not beat up.

Seated chain suspended buffalo bar good mornings

Notes: Wasn’t a high weight kinda day, but this was still a 4 rep PR from the last time I tried this weight. Could really feel the pressure in my eyeballs. Back is still feeling bulletproof.

Axle deadlifts 66lbs

Blast strap fallouts w/neck harness 45lbs

Normal founds w/5 second hold per rep

Notes: So yeah, I’m clearly out of my mind. Maybe it’s time to start doing toes to bar. This was a pretty good neck workout though.

(4) SSB Box squats

Reverse hyper 60lbs

Why am I so reminded of this right now?

Srs tho, loving how you just don’t give a FUCK. Like a fucking doctor.

Keep up the great work!

The wrestler’s bridge of the future?

@strongmanvinny2 What I lack in good looks, talent, skill, charisma, and intelligence I try to make up for with insanity. Thanks for the video, maybe some inspiration for later. Always appreciate the support.

@FlatsFarmer I can’t wait for some online guru to steal it and market it exactly as that, haha.

Realized I forgot to log my daily numbers from yesterday. I’ll probably keep this up for the week and then just summarize intent for the future, as I always tend to forget this and it’s cumbersome.

NG chins-50 (1x30, 1x20)
Pull aparts-100

NG chins-50 (1x30, 1x20)
Pull aparts-100

I’m thinking that I’ll rotate the two big upper body movements each week to prevent overuse injuries. Maybe something next like a daily set of overhead presses and DB rows, although I like keeping things bodyweight, so we’ll see.

Woke up at 194.4 this morning, which means I’ve officially put back on 10lbs since my lowest weight post surgery, which is pretty crazy considering I can’t squat or deadlift anything meaningful. I’m fluffier, but can still see my abs, and the fact my bodyweight movement numbers aren’t dropping tends to indicate to me that most of it is muscle and water.

Wanted to document my experience at Physical Therapy today.

The PT tech took me aside and explained to me that I was basically maxed out as far as my progression could go at this time. He said that at this point in my rehab, the goal is still flexibility and stability, and that there really isn’t anything more I can do to improve those qualities, as I have full ROM and full stability, but the surgical site is still too fresh to really focus on strengthening. We basically have to bide our time until then.

Bit of a mixed blessing. I’m taking pride in the fact that I was able to rehab faster than the expected timeline WHILE having started therapy a MONTH late. I did my time, put in the effort, and I’m going to claim that all the extra stuff I did on the side was helpful.

I’ve also been far more lax about getting my PT in everyday as of recently, mainly BECAUSE I felt like I was just spinning my wheels, and it’s good to know that I was right. I’m still doing all the stretching and stuff because I want to keep my ROM, but pretty much all the “strength” stuff I’ve swapped out for my own training.

Sucks that there isn’t much more I can do for now, but I’m committed to the process. I know I can’t rush the healing, but it’s evident that, once I get the green light, I know how to speed up the rehab.

Also, I appreciated this exchange from the tech.

“So, I know from dealing with you that you’re pushing yourself harder than you’re supposed to outside of PT…how is that going? Any twinges or aches or anything?”

I appreciated his honestly, and replied in kind. So far, so good.

Dude thats great news on your recovery! You just gotta keep the storm in the bottle a little longer…Keep doing what your doing by letting small typhoons out lol! Also that last article you posted…gold… just gold!

I’m glad the healing is coming along! And thanks for answering. I probably through i some holds and keep hammering the grippers twice a week just alternating. I’ve looked at the rolling thunder a love the idea of a kind of “well-recognized” test of grip strength. I can’t afford it right now but its sitting in the shopping cart.

@farmerowen1: Appreciate the support dude! Thanks for the comment as well. That was a fun one to write. Sitting at home stewing with my recovering ACL and seeing people skip months of training for a sprained ankle was starting to get under my skin, haha.

@Roran: Awesome dude, you don’t be disappointed once you get it. Ironmind makes great stuff. Thanks for the support!

NG Chins: 1x30

Prowler (high handles)

Notes: Finally hit my goal of over a mile with the prowler. Took slightly less than an hour. Conditions were good, and everything went well. Proof once again that, if you’re going to hurt me, you’d better kill me, because I’ll just keep coming back stronger.

General notes: Woke up at 194.2 this morning. Got a cheat meal tonight: planning on Panda Express. Will work the rolling thunder tonight, along with some neck and possibly abs. I’ve never been drunk before (or drank for that matter), but after the mile with the prowler, that’s about the closest I could describe it. Was walking all over the place, mind was fuzzy, and was deliriously happy.

Rolling thunder 195

Notes: Was feeling like I had a PR in me, but tried 210 and could only wiggle it a bit. No clear break. So, back to the progression.

Finished the day with

NG Chins 50 (1x30, 1x20)
Dips 1x65
Band pull aparts 100

Cheat meal was Panda express: rice, double orange chicken, beijing beef. Must’ve been totally carb depleted, because it didn’t even phase me. Been having real bad GI issues today. I’ve stopped taking NSAIDS, so I’m not bleeding, but I’m going to trouble shoot a few more issues here. If this keeps up, I’m going to get checked out. Getting older now, can’t ignore things like I used to.

Axle strict press

Notes: Shoulder apocalypse day. Doing the approach of hitting the top set for a PR and then backing down and matching it for the follow up sets, THEN 5x10. Just throwing as much volume at my shoulders as they can take.

Lateral raises 10lbs

Notes: Worked these in between sets of some presses.

Axle curls

Miniband pushdown

T-bar rows


Notes: Worked in between sets of presses, dropset at very end of workout. Really focused on contracting the midddle back to move the weight.

General notes: Woke up at 195.4. Definitely some hold over from the Panda. I’m pleased with how the weight has been getting put back on. Definitely my most successful weight gaining phase. Stomach issues seemed sorted out as of this morning, but still going to track and see. Plan is to continue the daily training through the weekend.

Did I just read that right?

Never been one to shy away from fixing problems, and the first step is recognizing them. As soon as I figure out how to build a bulletproof colon, I will be set, haha.

Finished the day with

NG Chins: 1x30, 1x20
Dips: 1x67
Band pull aparts: 1x100

as you get older the floor gets farther away
when you were a child and you see a penny on the floor you picked it up happy as can be
when you get old and you see a dollar on the floor and you think,to far away not worth the effort

Sam: One of the more compelling arguments to HAVE kids; you can tell THEM to go pick up the change. Dave Tate actually wrote about that in his “26 Reasons to be Big” article. A true classic.


Dips: 1x70
NG chins: 1x30, 1x20
Pull aparts: 1x100

Notes: Woke up at 193.6. Coming down from the carb bloat. Going to shoot for 60 reps a day on chins now and keep hitting rep PRs on dips.

found on various websites,this one on consumer reports
Arthritis, Rheumatism, and Aging Medical Information
System estimates that adverse effects due to NSAIDs
are responsible for more than 100,000 hospitalizations
and more than 16,000 deaths in the U.S. each year.

To be fair though, people OD on lots of legal stuff. Moderation is the key.

But, the less I bleed out of orifices, the better, haha. Good find dude.

1 legged SSB Box squats 285+chains
1x10+5+5 (rest pause)

(4) SSB box squats

Notes: Definitely getting heavy on that top set, but still manageable. Curious how this will translate back when I get into real squatting again. The set of 100 is getting faster each time, even with the increased ROM.

Blast strap fallout hold

Axle deadlifts 66lbs

Reverse Hyper 50lbs

Notes: Cutting the weight down slightly just because the surgical site got a little achy the last time I used 60. Will continue to build up.

Neck harness side to side 45lbs
30-20-16 (rest pause)

General notes: Woke up at 192.8. Ate a little more aggressively to stem the weight loss, but I imagine it’s mostly losing fluids from my carb up.