Rebirth of the Juggernaut: Brute Force and Ignorance (Part 1)

damn, Pwn - its incredible that you are able to get so jacked on nut butter and celery!

srsly tho - incredible discipline


I know man. It’s rage inducing

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Disgusting. Did a set of 100 a week or two ago and my biceps were sore for 3 days. Might add 5 reps each time I do these until I can’t any more.

well, at least he won’t be winning the t- ransformation. THere’s no fat to lose and the camera would explode if he added any more muscle. No picture, no evidence :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Im looking forward to the review…and that breakfast looks great!

@davemccright Thanks dude! Amazingly, this was with putting on some bodyfat.

@Edgy Practically vegetarian, haha. Although I AM eating way less meat than I used to.

@ChongLordUno Channel it into the berserker dude!

@heretolog They are awesome. I like 1 rep a week myself. 5 will get crazy QUICK.

@bigdaddi It was fantastic. Review coming very soon: going to post it in the 5/3/1 section (EDIT: Here it is My Review Of BBB Beefcake )


50 band pull aparts

Tabata KB workouts (1 armed snatches for the 20 second intervals, 1 armed swings for the 10 seconds)

40 minute 80lb weighted vest walk

Notes: Just finishing up the day. Got the race on Saturday: have to avoid the temptation to blow my brains out with conditioning the day before. Will still get in the daily work and maybe something light as well, but have to be smart-ish.

Oh yeah, also, got the best form of feedback from the Mrs. “You’ve been looking bigger recently”.

You don’t need scales, a mirror, or bodyfat calipers when you got that.


AM WORKOUT (0530 natural wake up)


4 rounds of
Chins: 1x14, 3x12
Standing ab wheel: 5
Dips: 1x14, 3x12 (25 pushdowns after final set)
BW reverse hypers: 10

50 pull aparts
30 GHRs
10 neck bridges each way

Tabata rounds on the BAS with 16oz gloves

Notes: Getting the daily work knocked out first thing, as we have plans for some fun today and I got the race tomorrow.

On the nutrition front, I’ve reintroduced wild blueberries into my diet. I’ve heard/read enough positives about them and fruit is something I’ve avoided for too long. Now, these HAVE had interesting impacts on my digestion before, so I’m easing in with just a half serving. I mixed it in with my greek yogurt creation: 2/3 cup of fat free greek yogurt, protein scooper of Naked PB powder, cinnamon, salt, Walden Farms chocolate syrup and some fat free whipped cream. It turned out well.


Good luck with race. Pretty bold to introduce fruit into your diet before the run! :poop:You must have a good stomach for distance running.

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I’m interested to see how this goes.

I love fruit and used to eat a lot of it. Stopped for a few months now and have noticed a marked improvement in digestion.

Strawberries are in season (in Florida) so mum bought some. I had a couple (instead of pounds) but gut still didn’t seem to like it.

Glad to know I’m not alone.

fixed it
he eats a quite substantial high fat meal literally minutes before hard training

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With this only being a half serving (40 calories), I am not too concerned, but running hasn’t seemed to upset my guts much. I don’t get the runners runs. Do need to pee quite fiercely immediately post run though.

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It’s always been my experience that I’m more likely to vomit than have a #1 or 2 issue while running/doing cardio. I did it once during a 5k, never broke stride while I sent some scrambled eggs over a bridge into a creek. About a week later my two friends I did that run with and I got some breakfast sandwiches then went mountain biking. One of my buddies sent his eggs (managed to keep the rest somehow) over the handle bars. We decided eggs might not be the best pre-workout after all that haha.

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Legitimate question for anyone with gut issues: what do “digestion issues”… feel like?

This is a total humble brag, but I eat lots of fruit, veg, dairy, legumes — basically everything that regularly seems to trigger people’s digestion — and feel nothing. Sometimes excessive meat, specifically poultry, can give me pretty bad protein farts, but eating more yogurt and a few forkfuls of unpasteurized sauerkraut fixes that.

I’ll answer in my log

It wasn’t specifically a question for you, just aimed at the general populace.

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For me with fruit, it was passing it undigested. Can be painful when the quantity is large enough. Other times, it’s just frequent loose stools.

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Not fun. Honestly painful at times. I used to do a lot of distance running and almost every day without fail I had to choose a route with a bathroom. It was embarrassing if I had a running partner. I was eating a lot of “healthy” whole grains and Greek yogurt, little red meat, some legumes, etc. Sorta the typical runner’s diet.

I was so fed up that I went pretty strict paleo, and all of my problems were gone. Since then I’m a bit more flexible; simply gluten-free works well for me. I still avoid dairy and legumes, but the latter isn’t a huge loss since I don’t like them much anyway.

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legumes are a HUGE no-no for me. luckily I don’t like them. PB is okay, but that’s probably b/c it’s basically already digested

Dairy, otoh, is one of my biggest “weaknesses”. I get really bad cravings for yoghurt and cheese and the macros are so good, it’s easy to justify eating it. I’ve found that lactase tablets or lactose free really help

Sprouted grain or oat flour bread seems to agree with me much better than regular wheat.
For some reason, white rice seems to bother me too, which is weird since white rice is apparently supposed to be easily digested. Brown rice tears my gut up

I think dairy’s digestive effects depend highly on its form. I think in this sense I’m fairly lactose-tolerant, but I still avoid dairy for other reasons.

I found that sprouted grains interfered with nutrient absorption and irritated my digestion all the same. I have no problems with white rice.

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If I eat “healthy” then my body punishes everyone. I can eat Taco Bell and other “bad foods” and be fine. I don’t get it.