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Something Dr Sceptix posted did strike me as odd when he posted it, but it wasn't really the right time to reply to it.

He claimed that I kind of "rebelled" by growing my own weed and shuttling money out of the country. I would agree with him that it would be pathetic to rebel that way, but that is not what I am doing.

Austria is a small country, so maybe if I prostituted myself enough I could get somewhere in politics and change something.

The problem is though that I just don't give a fuck. I live in a society that thinks that it is perfectly normal to reduce me to being a beast of burden for its Utopian fantasies. I do not feel like sacrificing one year of my live to help out people that would have me toil their fields so that they can live a cushy life.

All I can do really is to quietly get my life in order and, if things get too interesting, have enough money on the side to leave the country. Unfortunately I know that our social systems are already breaking down so it is not so much a question IF but WHEN we will have problems paying for pensions and medical services including the fun stuff like riots and goose stepping thugs.

So the question is, is any one of you still fighting the good fight, believing in change from withing the system or anything like that or would you agree that it is all about being as rich and well connected and mobile as possible when the shit hits the fan?

I am way beyond rebelling.

I am about building a shelter for the storm that will and must come.


I'm gonna start stocking up on ammo for the eventual zombie-werewolf invasion you're talking about.


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Case in point.

How could I stop people like this from ruining themselves and others and why would I possibly want to?

Why not leave the sinking ship instead of trying to change it, why drown with the rats?


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What is it that you want so bad?


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Orion, it doesn't take much to satisfy this guy. As long as he has his pretty rock.


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It would have dropped out of existence had you not responded.

I made no effort to keep it alive.

So much for narcissism.

Mine that is, because you just had to, didn't you?


I hear you! I'm, like, "way beoynd rebelling" too! Our parents are so mean!

My god, are you an angsty teen. "What should I do with my life? What should I do?" You want to run away from it all? Where are you going to go?


Not D.C. You are safe GL...for now.


I am taking a two-fold approach:

1) change the ideas of my friends and loved ones

2) build a financial empire to help protect my friends and loved ones

This is why I haven't been posting in the forums much lately. It's hard work that can not be done in front of a computer screen.


It is not about running away from it all.

It just occurred to me that most people share a flaw, they look up to try to get permission to do what they know to be right anyway. Be it that they demand that the Catholic church revises its positions or that a government allows them to do what they think is their right anyway. On another forum some nice gentleman once explained me a concept in S&M , "dominating from the bottom". It seems to me that most people try to do that, they would like to call the shots in their lives AND also have someone to blame when something goes wrong.

Why bother?

Just do what is necessary and let the other people be damned.

It is also that I know for a fact that Europes social security systems will collapse, there are really no two ways about it. Do I really have to explain what it means when 40-50% of a population have nothing but government subsidies to live on and when that state goes broke?

Since we all know what happens when frightened sheeple have nothing to eat, why stick around for that?

Why waste a life trying to prevent it from happening when it cannot be prevented anyway?

This is not about angst or trying to shirk responsibility, this is me, gauging if you will, whether it even makes sense to obey the laws and customs of a society that is hell bent on self destruction.

Your British if I remember correctly. Apparently the British have cancer survivor rates that in some cancers are a joke compared to US survival rates. Would you as a parent honestly advise your children to become part of such a health care system? Would you want them to waste their money on a pension system they will never profit from themselves?

Or would you rather work hard so that they have a nice comforting sum squirreled away to an account on the Cayman Islands no matter what you have to do to achieve that?


Oh yes it can!

Depends on what you do though.


Changing my friends opinions cannot be done on the interwebz. Finding productive assets worth investing in requires research off the webz, too -- for example, I took a trip to check out some property; though, all my initial research was done via the web.

Though the point I was trying to make was that instead of wasting my time here I have been trying to be more productive. Now I have two jobs.


  1. Have no money
  2. Have no power
  3. Have a computer
  4. ??????

I believe in democracy, and the truth is a growing number of people are now supporting socialism. It's projected that 50% of Americans will not be paying taxes in the near future. I can see why they would support socialism. I believe the reason they are so stupid/lazy is because of the moral degradation of modern society, and perhaps because of sinister plans being executed by our leaders. Still, rebelling against a government that is supported by the majority would be anti-democratic, and therefore be something I would have a hard time supporting. I can say one thing though: if my freedom is ever severely infringed upon, I will emigrate to a place where I am free without hesitation. Until then, and assuming America continues its socialist transformation, the only thing I can do is accept lifestyle modification and hope that one day a new capitalist beacon will be formed.


It is not about rebellion, just quietly starting to break the laws that you know to be idiotic.

Most American international companies f.e. can avoid paying too many taxes because they can postpone the taxation of foreign earnings indefinitely. Not that foreign earnings should be taxed in the US in the first place, but who does pay such taxes in real life? Small and middle sized companies.

Are you willing to live in a system where the extremely rich do not break the law because they own politicians that leave loopholes in a law big enough to drive a street train through whereas you will always be held back by obeying such laws?

And why is it that you think that it is ok that millions of people that do not know you vote on every important aspect of your life?


OK, now I understand what you're saying.

Yes, I consistently break laws. I am hypocritical because I support democracy yet I don't follow policies I don't agree with. I'm not sure what else to say about that. I often value myself over the majority, but it is also in my own best interest to support a political system that gives power to its citizens.

Why do I believe in democracy? Because the most important thing in life to me is freedom. Any system that concentrates power will result in less freedom. And yes I know, most current democracies are far from ideal and do concentrate power. Anarcho-capitalism is interesting but will it ever exist in our world?


There is no governing system that gives power to the citizens. Democracy is mob rule whereby a select group of people are empowered (the politically connected majority) over everyone else.

You do not trust the masses but yet you would accept a system that allows them to make decisions on your behalf?

There is a better system and it is completely voluntary.