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Rebecca Who? (P.I. 10/13)




I agree, very unfair not knowing more about this gift from the gods!


You beat me to it PGA, was going to start a thread.

What did you say when you scanned by todays powerful image? I said a combination "ohhhhhhh...owwwwwwwwwch".


Dude, you guys have been here how long? And you still don't know about www.johnnycrosslin.com? Seriously...the women on there are all pretty much too good to be real, probably because they're airbrushed and photoshopped into perfection, but they are still gorgeous.


Does it matter? Is there a shortage of women with fake tits, fake nails, fake blonde hair and a shitload of makeup?


I've got such a raging clue right now.


Someone is either really jaded or really jealous....? Which one is it?


my clue is so raging that it might squirt clue glue onto you



Yes! more! more! more! There can never be an excess, only a shortage of WWLTF!


Yes. You can never have too many.


Someone lives in Texas. I guess that makes me jaded.


A young Pam Anderson diciple will have the boys barking today. Expect this woman to get ALOT of attention. Sorry ladies... we men are pathetic. Why do men always think with their dicks? Because our brains are discombobulating and rendered useless as you appear with your .7 ratio body, luscious lips, long legs, and curvaceous hips.


Fake boobs? Hmmm if I'm not mistaken thats 90% of the female fitness/model circut too.....

Makeup, gasp....she's doing a photo shoot.

Blonde? Count how many girls you know that havent died, highlighted or streaked their hair.....


"im completely offended and demand an apology. youre a sexist. thats totally classless. you should have more class. youre not classy at all. have some respect. jerk off on your own time, you little dipshit. tuck your shirt back in an go watch oprah and dr. phil."

...sorry, i had to post the obligatory NEW pussyboy nation responses, so we can be sure that nothing on this site ever offends anyone else again.


Rebecca Leigh


Well that answered my second question.





pga.........thank you


Yes PGA. We all want to Leigh Rebecca. We like the tormenting pictures of some girl we will never be with. Thank God for the imagination. My friend Corey will be using his pigs-head-lotion-push-dispenser that I bought him for his birthday, as soon as I e-mail him this pic.