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Rebecca Black. Make It Stop!




Tosh posted this one too, lol



Even high schoolers need an anthem.


You want it to stop, so you post a video of the song of the year.

I wake up and go downstairs
Oops forgot to take a poop
sit on the toilet
read mad magazine
feel it coming out
nope just a false alarm
should eat more fibre

Funking great song.


"Id rather eat a hot dog than my mothers casserole"

Zach you ladykiller.



More classics. Apparently if daddy is rich enough he can make his little princess feel like an untalented pop star.

Oh, and FUCK auto tune.



The cure to pop faggotry: metal


So this a real release? Surely it's a spoof of all the auto-tune inanity there is out there?


ahahahahaha, oh man. Good stuff. I did indeed vociferate with mirth.


Read the link I posted earlier.


Thank you for fixing this thread


Meh, THIS is the new Friday. Enjoy fellas!





Someone is mass producing prostitots.




I made it to .50 seconds based on her cuteness and my analyzing whether or not she was legal to violate. I want that time back!


Ice Cube and his boys shouldn't be looking at that cracker girl too crazy, homeboy in the back is sucking on a binky.