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Reattempting a Failed Set in Same Workout?

So I’m trying to get stronger at the strict OHP. On my last 3x3 day I did great for the first 2 sets (my form has improved and the bar flew up, with weight I’d been struggling with for a while).

Then on the third set I got a little carried away and used leg drive on the last rep for no reason… I wasn’t happy with this so took a rest, reattempted it (in a fourth set) and got a perfect 3 reps.

My question is, can I still count it as 3x3 done and move up in weight without issue, despite the fact that I cheated on the third set and had to redo it?

It is 1 workout. Whichever choice you make will be completely inconsequential in the long run.


See how you feel when you come back and drop the weight if you need to. There’s no point battling weight too heavy for you though, you may find a little more weight after a tough session feels heavy AF - and remember that bar speed is important.