Reassurance on My Routine

i always was bad at the deadlift i think. my program is primarily a sort of westside powerlifting…thing. i switch back from deadlifting to good mornings ever few weeks. i like to keep to effective exercises that i am comfortable with. a month ago i was doing a more bodybuilding scheme and i did straight legged deadlifts, with 200 pounds. so that is my history.

a few weeks ago; back on my powerlifting scheme i finaly deadlifted 300 pounds. it was really really hard. i enjoyed it very much. there is a difference between pulling and “pulling”. it reminds me of what yoda said: do or do not, there is no try. okay anyway. so i got 300. do i have a long way to get to 400? it is just 4 more 25’s.

i have not increased my weight from 300 so far but it did feel a bit easier. i did 270 twice last time before going to 300. i might have gotten a third.
so i want to know if i have a long way, and if i will have to do anything differently. and when doing 300 is easy should i add ten more pounds or just go for two reps. both?

You want to deadlift 400?


  1. Do box squats to build the glutes
  2. do rack pulls to get comfortable with heavy weights
  3. do speed pulls at 50% -60% (10x1 or 8x2)
  4. do heavy sets of 3 or less