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Reasons To Train At Home

I’m a newbie here, although I have been reading the articles for awhile, so if this post is in the wrong forum please feel free to move it.

I’ve recently gone from training in a gym to the full setup at home (power rack, oly weights) and with the most recent gym in mind I started this list:

Reasons to Train at Home

*No pumpers or toners
Nothing is worse than the guys and gals standing around sipping water, playing with fit balls, hogging benches doing endless sets of bench and biceps.

*No wannabes
Those people that fancy themselves, walk around like they own the place, and tend to be rude about you using any equipment. Can be little guys as well, and can be spotted posing in front of the mirror any chance they get even during sets.

*No pushers
The people that are so blown away by your lifting they feel that you need their advice to get the most out of it. They say you should be using a belt or gloves or wraps/straps or creatine and yes even some juice. They also tend to lift less weight and never seem to develop, and mone about having an off day.

*No trainer giving advice
We all know and lothe these guys and are employed by every gym. They honestly think deadlifts are bad, have no idea what good form looks like, and write programs that will ensure none of their trainees get bigger than them.

*No fellow trainee giving advice
“Dude you should add some Scott curls to bring out the peak”. No its not legal to kill or mame these idiots.

*No crap music
All the music you have to listen to is yours, so it all rocks!

*No traffic
No travel = no traffic, but also no traffic around the gym at peak times.

*Train whenever
I can do some of Pavel’s stuff now, if only I could drag some weights to work.

*Easy access workout drinks
Your kitchen is no more than a few yards away to fix that shake in.

*No Neophytes
I hate them but also sympathise. Hate because they don’t know any better and will never take on board anything outside of Muscle and Fiction or Head Trainer advice. Sympathise because I (and we all) was once they and knew everything.

*Pants rip = no worries
Yes if you split your pants while squatting so that they rip from the belt to the bottom of the leg so that your ass hangs out for all to see it really doesn’t matter. Though it doesn’t do wonders for concentration on that last rep…



I agree with most of those reasons. Although you can sometimes find gyms more old-school to get it done. I’ll add that you can super-set/giant-set exercises without having to wait for equipment. Also, no paying for parking nor venturing out in sub-zero weather. But, the best advantages are that pre and post meals are optimized because you have the blender and fridge. And it’s ALWAYS your own tunes as loud as a live concert!

However, the draw-backs can sometimes over-shadow the home-gym. I don’t have 3-5 grand to drop on one of those sweet ellipticals. Some may disagree, but I find them “almost” as calorie draining as treadmill work, but much less impact on the old “football knees”. Ellipticals can also add resistance without wearing a vest nor an incline hike and they can train eccentrically. Maybe the #1 disadvantage is if your old gym is on the campus of a major university you might miss the “scenery” :wink:


I’m with the steak man. I’d miss the ladies doing cardio, but be glad they are gone when I’m lifting. Nothing worse than Miss hottie-lycra shorts doing bent-over rows directly infront of you when you are trying to do, well anything. You’ll just stand there and drool like an idiot.

Well, of course it’s better to train at home. But, not everyone has the money and/or space for the equipment.

I purchased a power rack in March and have loved every minute of it. I never have to fight traffic, and it makes it easier to still get my work outs in if I have to work late. Plus as was mentioned earlier, it makes it much easier to train alternate muscles in a giant set.

I think the only draw back is you need to be really internally motivated.

Ahh yes the eye candy!

You miss that but I take the dog running/walking so I see some around. Do remember one time I felt the need to do tricep pushdowns due to the fine lady doing stiff deads in seethru pants and red g-string… ahh memories.

I’ve found that I don’t really miss any of the machines, maybe a calf raise/leg press. As for cardio for $10 (Aust) I bought the best piece of cardio equipment ever, skipping rope. But I have other items, bike to ride to work, shoes to run in, and a dog to motivate me to actually run.

Besides if I ever do miss the gym I’ll go in to one for a couple of days and remind myself why I like home.