Reasons to Love Front Squats:

1.) More challenging on the core and the quads than back squats
2.) Taller guys (like me) can stay more upright
3.) I find them easier on the knees than back squats

For me, back squats=knee hurts. Front squats seem to fix the problem–no snap, crackle pop at all.

Also, I worked up to a 5RM today of 145. 10 pounds heavier than last week (WS4SB is the program right now). Last time I did front squats I could barely get 95 for reps. I love feeling like I’m making progress! even if the weights are still not so great. 225lbs 5RM here I come!

Sorry for the random thread.

Front squats are great. I do them exclusively. No regular back squats for me. Try pausing in the hole for a three count, or try doing 1 1/2 rep sets.

If back squatting causes you pain and front does not, then by all means stick with front squats. The advantages of back squats are increased loading, and different muscle pattern activation.