Reasons for T-Related Labs?

Lotta new info to me on these forums. I want to briefly list the recommended labs Ive seen, and state my understanding. Please affirm or correct me!

Total T
(Not nearly as important as Free T)

Free T
(Most important T, but just a guide)

Bioavailable T
(Whats floating around available to focus/strength/muscle building,etc. this most impacts how you “feel” on TRT)

(Only relevant if you want to be fertile)

(High levels reduce bioavailable T and can cause low free T by binding with estrogen)

(Converted from T, results in deeper voice and increased muscle strength/mass)

Thyroid panel
(TRT can cause thyroid issues, and vice versa)

(Check for blood viscosity and polycythemia issues)

(Checks for potential presence of prostate cancer; I can make the case that this test is inaccurate, misused, over-ordered, over-relied upon, and results in more harm through misdiagnosis and unnecessary aggressive treatment. yearly Digital rectal exam should be relied on, with yearly PSA supplementing SO LONG AS NO PERCEIVED ISSUES.)

(Routine metabolic panel)

Lipid panel
(Male sure TRT isnt lowering hdl and raising triglycerides)

The FT is where the rubber meets the road! The FT lab test is how you know how much testosterone the body is able to utilize for muscle, cognitive function, sexual function, libido and conversion to other hormones.

The person that invented the PSA lab test said it produces the most false positives for diseases and is the most misused, unreliable, lab test.

A lot of older men have an elevated PSA without symptoms or any known cause.

TRT lowers triglycerides.