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Reasons For Lifting


Moments ago I rediscovered one of the good reasons for lifting. Self-sufficiency.

Time to move the freezer from the basement to the back yard. Girlfriend tries to help, but it's uncomfortable, of course. Uncomfortable? What the hell is that?

Okay, fuck it, grab the bottom, grab the hinge near the top, lift and leverage the bastard and trudge the fucker right out the door and down the stairs. Get out of my damned way, I'm not stopping!

No way in hell that would work without some deadlift and squatting history.

Lifting: 1
Freezer: 0


Reason for lifting?

Only reason, things become clear after a brutal workout, you are not a pussy when you are done, and I for one dont act like a pussy when I am lifting. Much more aggressive, in and out of the gym. Without lifting? I tend to become indecisive and weeniefied as my lovely bride likes to say!




The guns.... kiss....kiss


I moved house 3 weeks ago. You're not wrong!

The day after moving fridges and washing machiens etc down/up flights of stairs i was hardly sore compared to when I moved IN.
Training has paid off.


How about 'Reasons for not lifting': when moving apartments two weeks ago, I had the hardest time because of my injured wing (something wrong with my shoulder, going to the doc soon)...just picking up a friggin matress I could feel it, nevermind the tv's and dressers.

And before anyone jumps all over me, I'm kidding...it's a minor thing and I'd rather suffer a dozen of these small injuries a year than give up my time at the gym.


Vroom has a girlfriend? WHAT? I've been lifting to look HAWT to impress him with my little bumps (muscles, smartass, muscles).

Good to see the freezer didn't win!


A real man would have scared the freezer into moving itself. Sissy.


I bought a Jeep wrangler last month and it has a removable hardtop. The sales guy was demoing all the functions when I asked him to take the top off. "Your guna have to help me", he said.

"Pussy" I said under my breath, cuz I was still trying to get a good deal. When I got home I took the damn thing off my self. A simmple 200lbs sholder press with a squat at the end.

When I came out of my garage my fat ass hearattack neighbor was standing in his driveway shaking his head while holding a pie box from Marrie Callendars. "Didnt you just have surgery on a torn muscle?"

I kindly gave him a speach about not being a fat pig and that was why I healed so fast!

I fuckin love lifting, and I'll never stop!


Long story short, i tried driving through a flooded closed off road. Worst idea ever, much deeper then it was 3 hours prior. Water was up to the window and i managed to push the car out of the mini river alone before the whole thing filled with water. I attribute my car still running to deadlifts.






I can't stop. Every time i lift, everything seems clear. There is no exams, tests, studying, work. There's just me and iron. Every day I look forward to get one extra rep in, or another 5 pounds on that bar. Why? It makes me feel good.


"bekuz i will kill peepul if I kant."

Just kidding.

It's a great stress reliever. Boosts the immune system, lengthens life, improves my quality of life, encourages me to test my limits, promotes discipline and keeps me useful in day to day living.

plus I look good nekkid.


self improvement, sanity , and because i love to compete wether it be with someone i train with or myself




Don't forget buoyancy.


Two reasons left out of this thread and they are the most obvious.

One: May still be a nerd but no longer choose to look like it!

Two: ummmmm......Attention from Girls? come on why did it have to get this long without that one?


That's what Chuck Norris would have done!


So I can finally capture Captain Nuts, the squirrel in my backyard