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Reasons for Atkin's Diet Success



<+Ralan> atkins works not because its a good diet, because people who are on it burn so much energy because they can't shut the fuck up about being on atkins


It is an empowering, wholesome, life affirming, pro active yadda yadda yadda...
that cost alot for the accessories and therefore very good.


Ahahaha!! I agree about them not being able to put a fr*cken lid on the gushing and the diet policing of others. I try to be respectful about listening to their views, but sometimes if they're preaching to me while I'm taking my one and only 15 minute break I will ever have during my long 12.5 hour shifts to eat and really enjoy and savor my favorite chinee noodle from mom's kitchen, it drives me nucken futs.....makes me wanna shout, "Dai Ham, So Jai Yoi (curse words)...you go way, you go way, you eat noodle vegable, noodle vegable good for you...now you go way, you go ou-sai..."


What does it mean, and what language is it in?



I'm not sure if the spelling is correct, but my chinese grandmother used to shout this at us when we made her mad. I think it's something like dumb and stupid....