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Reasons Behind Working Out


I have a theory. And I wondered if its correct amongst guys on this forums. It certainly has real world proof with the guys who train at every gym in the small county i live in.

  1. They want to look/be like their favuorite bodybuilder. (Classics include pumping iron) - These guys often achieve their goals - obviously however some do not. But a lot do.

  2. Guys who love weightlifting and do it for sports - they also are commited and more often than not will achieve their goals - again some will not.

  3. Guys who train to impress women and look good in bars - rarely get anywhere other than filling out/making a small t-shirt look tight around the arms..

Like i say the world population is bigger than the small place i live in.
But i think i have some proof on a bigger scale..?

Mike the situation - big arms, poor physique.
Ronnie jersey shore - big, whilst he has similar intentions, loves working out and his physique backs it up..





You forgot :

  1. Those who train for no particular reason other than to commune with the Iron. Usually after being 1,2,3 for awhile and finding that training in and of itself brings its own joy, peace and solitude.



Ohhh now you gotta go get all filisofikul on us...

It has been very clearly established on this site that the ONLY reason for lifting is to be hyoooge! Stop with your crazy talk... :stuck_out_tongue:


You can be huge and swole on the outside, but if you're still a tiny, insecure peasant on the inside, it's all for naught.

It's not really an optional distinction. Our phyiscality will eventually fade. Proper training will perhaps delay it by 20-30 years, but in the end, we'll all be in the same physically infirm place, whether it's at 60 like most Americans or 70 like most Europeans or 80-90 like some exemplary members of society.

Those who truly benefit are those who used the training to work on their "inner" bodybuilder, to enjoy the journey of self-discovery, and to bring them closer to inner peace.


Not one mention of the health benefits of working out?

  1. Health


I agree with you - I'm just being a dork - sorry. Every time a venture a similar comment on here I get shouted down by the little dick crowd though.


What? - Thats number 3 - those who love to train.


Ha - I have never met 1 person who weight lifts for better health.

And if i had i would revert them to the healthy kitchen and a stress free lifesytle.


My "inner" powerlifter can beat up your "inner" bodybuilder. With my "inner" functional strength.


Oh, and i was under the assumption that by know, when someone on these forums says working out it means primarily weightlifting and not crossfit or running..


Yo, Peeps. I started lifting to avoid osteoporosis, nice to meet ya. Ain't but one person on earth that can slap my ass back to the kitchen, and it ain't you, babe.


You are English and you are probably 12 years old. So the 4 people you met in life yea probably didnt.

Its a big world out there.


ha 12 - nice, - like i said it was a theory - ive been to many gyms and played many sports and the correlation i noticed and hypothsis i concluded was: guys who work out to impress women are 99.9999999999% of the time further away from their goals than those with the other reasons.


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Youve misinturpruted the ha - it was meant to show how suprised i was at this as a response - not because i dont believe their are people out their who do this, but because it was a genuine suprise and the though of seeing said person in the gyms I have been too (over 15 in the across the noth of england alone) would be completely out of place. Not that gym cant be a place to get healthy, but because of the gym culture i have experianced.

And whilst i accept it is a reason - id expect it is a small portion of people who start initially lifting weights to get healthier


I think the % of people looking to get laid goes down with age while the % of people interested in health goes up.

You could call them inversely related I guess.

Not that people are less interested in getting laid as a whole. People end up getting married etc. as they age which negates the fact that you need a 6-pack to get laid.


shit loads of people lift for better health

using made up false statistics like 99.99999999% based on personal experience makes you seem dumb regardless of context

not really fallowing your theory. people that want to look good in bars may have a favorite body builder they wanna look like

i train to be more useful

friends need help moving, people get their cars stuck in snow, carrying kegs of beer etc


What. The. Fuck? Thanks for wasting a minute of my life on inane pointless bullshit. Why worry about why someone else works out? Dumbest waste of energy in the world.