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Reasonable Goals



A friend of mine is about 200lbs at 20% bf with calipers and he is starting a plan to lose the fat. He's doing the Velocity Diet and training specifications to get into a healthy fat percentage range before he starts a more balanced program.

I'm wondering what a reasonable goal might be for him in terms of body fat precentage reduction. What would be a reasonable monthly goal for him during the Velocity Diet and after. I'm thinking a pound a week for after the V-Diet and about 3lbs a week during the V-Diet.

Sound good?


The V-Diet sort of has a mind of it's own.

Follow it to a "T" to avoid unnecessary muscle loss, but don't fret about what comes off... it will do what it does no matter what you schedule.

When you get back into normal consumption patterns, where you can control intake levels and such again, then I think aiming for a pound a week of fat loss is a good sustainable goal.

However, depending on the amount of previous lifting, it may be possible to put on some muscle quickly and confound any simple measurement of fat loss.