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Reasonable Goal for a Total Beginner?


I'm a 44-year-old man. I am 5'8" (173 cm) tall and weigh 135 (61 kg). My body fat is 12%. I'm in good health, except for a small tear in my left rotator cuff.

I want to gain 15 lbs (6.8 kg). I don't have to achieve this overnight, but I want to progress to that goal weight.

Here is the weightlifting program I'm following. Three days a week:

Day 1

Dumbbell bench press 3 x 8
Rows 3 x 8
Squat 4 x 8
Deadlift 4 x 8
Lunges 4 sets, carrying 30 lbs.
Abs exercises: sit-ups, Russian twist, bicycles

Day 2

Dumbbell bench press 3 x 8
Squat 4 x 8
Deadlift 4 x 8
Box jumps x 2 sets (45 seconds each)
Lat pulls 3 x 15
Abs & back exercises: Russian twist, back hyperextensions, planks

Day 3

Dumbbell bench press 4 x 8
Squat 5 x 5
Deadlift 5 x 5
One mile run
Knee raise 3 sets
Kettle bell squats

I am trying to eat about 2,400 calories a day. Any suggestions? Thank you.


Eat the 2400 calories and weigh yourself weekly. If the scale hasn’t moved up your calories by 250.
Now step repeat till you see the weight start climbing. Keep working out and eat wholesome food. Once you reach your goal weight just keep your calories there to maintain.

I don’t know what your lifting goals are so I won’t comment on your routine.