Reasonable Fat Loss Expectations

I am wondering what is a reasonable expectation for a rate of fat loss to go from 16% down to 10%.

When I started on my fat loss program I was at 201# and 26% body fat. I started with the Zone diet and kept my usual 6 days a week strength training. I dropped fat at a fast rate and gained quite a bit of muscle as well; I could expect to lose 1lb per week and occasionally 2lbs.

I am presently at 16% body fat and 194# and I am now only losing 1/2-1/3 of a pound per week. My diet has gotten progressively more severe by reducing carbs and adding protein to keep any kind of progress going. I am extremely strict on my diet compliance and I keep a food log. I measure my body-fat using calculations based on gut circumference, which is where I keep most of my fat.

My diet at present:
2400 cals
89g fats
80g carbs-fiber
315g protein
I eat 6 meals a day and avoid any carbs before bed.

Based on the above information, is 1/2-1/3# of fat loss a week an acceptable rate for someone at 16% body fat or should I look to tweak my diet and exercise program to get back to a higher rate?

Thank you,

what is reasonable fat loss for a person?