reason to join ontario t-nation

all the more reason to join Ontario T-Nation…



Dude, that is friggin cool!!!
I need to move my ass to Canadia. Screw this beautiful California weather.

I’m going to go weep in the corner now.


you want to join the Ontario T-cell because of JB? i thought everyone wanted to meet me!

just kidding!

anyway, a big thanks to JB for coming out for brunch and discussing plans to help out our Ontario T-cell and to look for bigger and better things. though we are starting small, a lot of ideas were thrown around regarding how this group can benefit from the resources of its members, and how we can build to be a larger community. now that its begun, join, participate, and contribute!

Big D


Man, I can’t believe that. I missed out on the chance to meet Big Dennis! That’s it, next time I’m there for sure. hahaha…

That is all very nice, but…


I want in. jay check your e-mail.

Don’t join just for JB, join because the ball is rolling and good things are happening…

Like deals, meets, good friends and did i mention deals ???


the site is unavailable. I curious as to what its all about

once in awhile the site is down.

please be patient, and check it out at a later time.

i am working feverishly to host it somewhere else.


how 'bout a revival


Message from Michigan to Canada…KEEP YOUR OWN DAMN TRASH!!!

Sorry for going off topic but its the first thing people from Michigan think of when they hear about Canada. Literaly tons of garbage being transported in for disposal in the US.



Hey badmoon, you guys needed the money. You certainly couldn’t count on GM.