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Reason Overeem Is Not Defending Strikeforce Title in June


I was wondering why Overeem wasn't on the Strikeforce June 6th card....especially after the buzz saying that he was.

Apparently he received a bad infection in his hand from fighting bouncers at a club...geesh:



Hmmmm... seems fishy. Does strike force test? And a better question... would they cover up negative test results? I think Overeem is on the sauce, but I don't think that's a bad thing. Hell if I could use steroids to make 185 and not be at a disadvantage, I would.


I haven't seen too many bouncers choose to fight 6'5 250lb professional killers.


Does seem a bit fishy. Maybe the bouncer didn't start the fight.



Strike force does not test, BUT the Athletic commission of where they fight do test. So if the fight takes place in Nevada, the Nevada State Athletic Commission (NSAC) does the testing. The states athletic commissions will not cover up a positive result, or at least they havn't when Sherk / Royce Gracie / etc... tested positive.


haha fuck he hospitalized 5 bouncers. Most bouncers I know are fat, out of shape and can't fight worth shit..but still. Pretty cool lol.


strikeforce is in california...CSAC runs their testing and I think they have, far and above, had the most positive drug test results of any athletic commission since their inception a couple years ago.


They don't actually do the testing. Quest does/did the testing. I wonder who does the collection and if that's the issue. I thought I had heard something about contaminated samples but not sure where it was happening.


I believe it was Phil Baroni who brought the contaminated samples thing to light. Where his A) sample was clean but his B) sample was positive. Then it became known that they weren't properly cleaning the machine that does the testing or something like that.

I don't remember exactly though, I am sure it would be easy to find if I was ambitious enough to look . =)


If you have never given a sample you actually give two that are sub divided
one before and one after the gig- they divide them and usually freeze the divided portion
that is the "B" for reserve use, in case your A sample tests for anything,
some are done at an approved lab or day of at the gig ( wrestling)
the lab is a real lab - so its not a matter of "cleaning the machine"

When you give the sample there is supervision, usually a DR, or nurse and somone from whomever is sanctioning the testing. you do it in the same cup just like a doctor-
sometimes they had me wear gloves, usually not sometimes for a while I had to do it weekly .

clean urine is available for sale at any big university.
in frozen foil pouches I knew kids who bought and used it.