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Reason Behind Bubble Guts

Very cool video here, where some pretty knowledgeable folks discuss, specifically directed to phil heath at first, why certain bodybuilders can be lean and vascular and yet sporting enormous stomachs on stage.


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Very interesting I remember reading an article about this and they were saying it wasn’t from chronic GH use.

Not sure if they touched on Roelly but surely he holds an answer to this problem. He had one of the worst guts going now it’s tight and in control without sacrificing size.

I know he’s says it’s his corset thing but there’s probably more to it than that.

I actually remember Dorian talking about how he didn’t line Insulin, and blamed it for the years he had gut issues. If you realize that competitors have been using GH since the mid 80’s (at least), its pretty easy to see it’s not as simple as the “GH Gut” that everyone likes to blame.


I figure the reason is somewhere in the middle. Eating tons of food, GH, thick abs obliques, visceral fat etc idk I like the classic Olympia physic more personally. I’m no body builder but admire ppl with that sort of dedication.

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And I remember someone on this very site years ago always screaming about how the guts were the result of constant overeating… because pros routinely walk onstage with 15 lbs of food in their digestive tract-lol


Actually there’s an article on this site that is labeled a rant. It basically says it’s all based on food intake and carb intake before a show :roll_eyes:
Also it only makes sense that visceral organs would grow with the amount of PED use we’re talking about. They are moving tissue types and over long periods it would only make sense to see them get larger.

I also think that processing so much food really ends up being a workout for the digestive system too. When you are taking hormones to get your muscles to grow, then of course, the muscles and organs doing the hard work of digestion are going to get more massive as well.

Perhaps a way around this would be to feed yourself Intravenously. Maybe that’s the next big thing.