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Reasearch Grade vs Prescription Pharm Grade


We were discussing Melanotan II in the other thread and I don’t want to hijack, so I started this one. While I was doing some digging, I found that there are quite a few USA based online stores to buy peptides, but all of them are touted as “Research Grade”. I also found that I can get Ipamorelin for WAY cheaper through these sources, which is what my wife was prescribed through Defy.


  1. Are research grade peptides safe for human consumption ?
  2. Do these come already mixed, or do you have to purchase bacteriostatic water separately to mix?
  3. Are all research grade peptides sellers vetted, or can the quality of the product vary greatly between companies?

I’m not willing to take a gamble, especially when it comes to my wife, but if these routes are reliable and safe, $20-$40 a month is WAY more affordable than the $165 month that I’m shelling out now for her Ipamorelin through Defy. We aren’t in the poorhouse by any means, be we don’t just have it to burn either lol!

I’m not a fan of ugl, but this seems like a viable legal option if it is safe, at least on the surface.


@physioLojik could you spare a moment to offer a professional perspective as to whether this option is viable, or should this line of pursuit be avoided at all costs?

They’re designed to be used on “animals”. It’s a sneaky little legal loophole that allows them to market them to humans for human consumption so long as they say they aren’t meant for human consumption. So then the claims they put on their websites about individual peptides increasing muscle mass, decreasing joint pain etc… They’re referring to the muscle mass and joint pain you’re pet rat is suffering from.

Usually not, no. You need bacteriostatic water bought alongside said peptides. The peptide clinics that give out actual prescriptions tend to send them pre mixed though

Certainly, sometimes you’ll get absolutely nothing, as in a powder inside a vial (many of these peptides are very expensive to produce, anyone who thinks they’re getting a vial of IGF-1 LR3 for like 30$ is fooling themselves) other times it can be underdosed, overdosed, a different product, same with UGL’s as these products aren’t regulated. Come to think of it research chems from compounding pharmacies aren’t rigorously regulated either, that being said I’d assume SOME testing is done.

Research chems (the problem with them) is the lack of data and/or large scale trials demonstrating safety and efficiency. You can tell me “unreal, there’s no research on AAS” and I’ll say “sure there is, there’s tons from the 40’s 50s and 60s, and although old they demonstrate a relatively favorable safety profile. We don’t have much, if ANY human research on many of these peptides (yk-11, MGF to name a couple) don’t have a single human clinical trial attached to them.”

Whether the risk is worth it or not is debatable. I’ll probs take some TB-500 eventually (legit, not UGL). I find its potential cardioregenerative abilities very interesting

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The place I’m looking at now does not offer any “claims” or benefits of any kind. They just sell the peptides for “Laboratory Research” purposes.

I found this verbiage buried in their website which is a little off putting.

products are furnished for LABORATORY RESEARCH USE ONLY. This product should only be handled by qualified, and licensed professionals. The product may not be used as a drug, agricultural or pesticidal product, food additive or household chemical - and may not be misbranded as such. All information on this website is available for educational purposes only. Bodily introduction of any kind into humans and/or animals is strictly forbidden by law.

Most, if not all research Chem websites have that as a warning, so when the DEA cracks down on research chems and decides to police their way into even more supplements (creating an even bigger, more criminally organised, unregulated black market) these companies can be like “haha, got yaaaaaaaaaa, we weren’t even selling to humans, you can’t prosecute us because we haven’t done anything wrong” then they walk away with their new gold teeth and drive away in their new Pininfarina Sergio’s.

It’s actually pretty brilliant business, I’d do something like that if it didn’t have the potential to harm millions of unsuspecting customers. Damn morality!!! This is why sociopaths rule the world of business.

Ha ha good point.

If I’m understanding you right, I could get lucky and get a very legitimate affordable option for my wife, but I could also crap out and she could wind up with sterile water, or something that could actually harm her. Yeah no thanks. My wife’s safety and well being is worth way more to me than the difference in cost of the legitimate pharm Ipamorelin.

Regarding Melanotan II… It seems that this may be the only option for trying this. I don’t think it’s available via prescription (I could be wrong). You have any insight on this particular peptide?

It’s available via prescription here in Aus. But then again so is MGF, IGF-1 LR3, ostarine, LGD, follistatin and a ton of super shady, unresearched peptides/sarms that should never be prescribed to anyone. If you have the cash they’ll give it to you (and even moniter you via regular bloodwork)

Thank you so much for taking the time brother.

Are you interested in Melanotan for its tanning properties or its “other”… Properties… …

Be aware Melanotan (both I and II) has a numerous number of concerning case reports associated with its use. I’ll go more into it tommorow but now I’m going to sleep.

Have a good day

Both sound appealing, though I seem to be “fairly reliable” nowadays with just my TRT. Not spectacular in the whole “5 times back to back” sense, but I can get it done. The tanning aspect would be great if safe because I live in a colder climate that only sees a couple of months a year with real quality “summer sunshine”.

I look forward to it and thanks again. Sleep well man.

Research chem sites are a roll of the dice. Now maybe that’s not so bad if you’re contemplating taking an oral drug, which is unlikely to cause an infection. But when you’re injecting something into your body you really need to be sure that it is what it says it is. The benefits do not outweigh the risks in most of those cases. Just my opinion.

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Well I am sure not here to talk you into trying anything and I would not have my wife testing anything I had not tried and did blood test to prove it showed improvements.

The Melanotan 2 I but is Pharmaceutical Grade. Here’s a cut and paste from their site. I am sure you know sites on the internet can pretty much say/claim anything they want.

Dear Valued Customer,
We are proud to offer 99.9% Pure Pharmaceutical Grade Melanotan 2, produced in the USA! Our state of the art labs individually vacuum seal sterile vials of 99.9% Pure Pharmaceutical Grade Peptides as a lyophilized solid, with no added fillers like mannitol. We strongly believe in bringing you quality MT2 that is free from fillers and additives like mannitol, unlike many cheap Chinese imports that are flooding the market. In addition, we want you to know that many overseas imports are subject to potentially hazardous chemical degradation. This is due to long transportation time and fluctuating temperatures that can reduce the effectiveness and even potentially increase the side effects of MT2. Our supplies are always fresh and kept in climate controlled storage until it is sent to your door.

I believe I have already told you where I get my Sermorelin and Ipamorelin from. I have blood test proving they work and yes they only cost me 30 bucks a bottle. I have also used this companies BPC-157 I have no blood test to prove it works since there are none to get but my tennis elbow is gone and I am hammer curling like never before.

So I have not really said anything new here. Its your body only you can decide if the risk is worth the reward.

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I have a great dislike for most research chems. Not because you dont know what your getting but because a lot of them have veryblittle research on how they affect you long term. With that being said there is numerous RC that have plenty of research behind them so then the worry is are you getting them from a legit source… This is where the research consumer community helps tremendously. There is a few select places you can find thru Google forums that offer lab reports from consumers, feedback, etc etc to help insure what these sights are selling isnt pixie dust

Best of luck

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Quick question regarding this… if I decided to give this a try, and not saying I have but purely for informational purposes, what would a starting protocol for this look like?


Lasting Tan: Even if the dosage is stopped, a warm sun-kissed tan can last for months at a time without any exposure to the sun. Conversely, tans developed naturally fade in around a months time.

Flexibility of Use: Able to take a small loading dose with continued dosing until desired skin pigmentation is achieved. Once achieved only need to dose once every couple of weeks to maintain the same pigment.

Reduced exposure to sunlight (UV rays): Melanotan still needs exposure to sunlight to be effective. However, it will allow the user a significant reduction in time to develop the desired tan.

Side effects : Side effects for Melanotan 2 include nausea, appetite loss, facial flushing and increased libido. Side effects are generally mild and tend to diminish over time. Some research suggests nausea can be reduced by injecting MT-II after dinner or before bed. Athletes and bodybuilders have injected peptides like Melanotan 2 intermittently to prolong their tan since a tan aided by Melanotan can last 2-3 times as long as a normal tan. Like other peptides, Melanotan is a fragile molecule, therefore Melanotan nasal sprays, pre-mixed peptides, pills, oral and loose powder are not often legitimate for research effectiveness.

Dosage : Research quality peptides are supplied as a lyophilized powder that must be mixed with bacteriostatic water for injection just prior to use. A suggested research dose is weight based. Below example is for average 154lb/70kg adult

0.25mg-very light


1mg-common standard


2mg-very strong

Based on this, 100kg male can take 1.5-2mg as a weekly dosage. An 110lb/50kg female should start off with 0.25mg to be safe and then move to 0.5mg and 1mg if needed.

Pre-loading does is 2x or 3x smaller than your normal maintenance dosage. As a reminder, you do not need to do this unless you are in a rush to get really dark in a matter of days.

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