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Rear Neck Soreness from Bench?

Whenever I bench heavy my rear neck muscles are sore for the next few days. I guess I’m digging the back of my head into the bench when I press without realizing it. I see experts like George Halbert with his head lifted during a lift which is the opposite of what I do. It seems lifting that way would eliminate the tendency to push my head into the bench. Anyone bench with their head up like that, or like I do and end up with a sore neck?

Either way is fine, do what works for you.

For me, all the weight is on my traps so I guess I could actually lift my head up while I press. But that seems like it would make me tense up my neck and pull something. If you’re actually digging your head into the bench instead of your traps, might want to take a look at your technique.

If you press the weight up and the pressure moves from your traps to you neck, that could be the problem. Happened to me till i fixed my form.

Several Feds will red light you if you lift your head while performing the lift. Train like your going to compete then compete like you trained…

In my opinion if your moving around your more likely to get loose. My $.02