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Rear Foot Cramp w/Split Squats


Hey Guys,

I have introduced 'split squats with the rear foot raised' into my routine after a prevous injury prevents me from doing proper squats.

however when doing these with any heavy weight, my back foot which is resting on the bench always seems to camp up at the top of my foot (where the laces are). this is annoying as it only happens on one foot and is preventing me from doing this excercise.

Does anyone have any experience with this or could suggest ways to avoid this cramping?



Have you tried loosening your shoes?

I used to get cramping there due to the metatarsal prt of the foot not being able to expand enough.
Loosening my shoes helped alot


Same happens to me. An airex pad can help.


Foam roll your foot, or roll it around on a LAX ball.