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Rear Delts?

I’ve recently realized that I have seriously underdeveloped shoulders, especially the backs of my shoulders(rear delts?). I want to know what you all think is the best lift to increase the size and strength of the backs of my shoulders. Thanks.

I think rear delt raises might help you out. These are kinda the same as lateral side raises, except you do them seated, and lean over a bit (like you would if you were leaning your elbows on your knees). You should start the movement out with the dumbbells behind your knees and not in front of your legs.

If you’ve got generally underdeveloped shoulders I would stick to the standard compound movement for shoulder development–the military press in all its variations.

For greater emphasis on rear delts you can then use seated and bent over rows with a pronated grip.


I’d agree with ohagajosh, bent over raisees are good though you don’t have to do them seated use the same position as bent over rows. What I would say is emphasise good form. If you’ve never done thes before prepare to be shocked at how weak you will be on this movement!
Alternatives for direct targeting are face pulls.

Old Dax.

I second the face pulls. If you want something different do a superset of face pulls followed by bent over lateral raises.

Also check out Don Alessi’s Triple Decker Delts.


RIT Jared

Hit the basic compound movements first. If you’re not doing that, don’t read anything else on this thread until you do.

After that, try rear delt raises, face pulls, and reverse flyes on the pec deck machine. There is no one best exercise. Rotate the exercises regularly and benefit from all of them.