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Rear Delts


So can someone tell me what is the best exercise for rear delts is. Im training for a upcoming bodybuilding show and its my first on and I want my back to be at its best and I see that my Rear delts are lacking. HELP




press behind the neck works for me and face pulls.


wowow...wait hold on...ur gettin ready for a show...and you don't know what workouts to do for rear delts? lol


^ thats a pretty jackass post. he didnt say he doesnt know how to work out rear delts. hes looking for advice to bring them up quickly

prioritize them in your workouts. hit them after back and at the start of your shoulder routine. meadows does a widowmaker type set called a destroyer. look up mountain dog shoulders, pretty bad ass. lots of volume. personally, i like the rep range to be in the 15-35 range but dont neglect some heavier work maybe with partials. squeeze em hard and hope for the best. good luck kiddo.


bent over lateral for isolation........agree with cannon though!!


I brought mine up to a decent level by following mountaindog principles. High rep rear delt raises on an incline bench along with wolfe face pulls are my staple rear delt exercises.


Try hitting them twice a week...one your back day finish your workout with 3 or 4 sets of the reverse pec deck machine 8-15 reps good squeeze...shoulder day try bent over laterals with dumbells with a good contraction on the top of the reps.


Check out John Meadows' shoulder and rear delt stuff...I have used it an it has brought up my rear delts from being an average to a much stronger bodypart.

I really like dumbbell rear delt flies on an incline bench with an exaggerated motion, bringing the elbows back as far as possible for sets of 30-50, bent-over smith rows to the upper chest, and reverse pec dec, all for sets of 30-50 reps....I think ultra high reps with the rear delts works the best.

Also, heavy pullups, rows, and deads never will hurt : ).


Holy fail posts...


Just look up the mountaindog work for shoulders. 2 things that will help them quick are the DB swings and band pull aparts.


Bench shrugs, lie belly down on a high incline bench. Put DBs in each hand, keep arms completely straight and just shrug; bring the shoulder blades together and shoulders back as far as you can without bending elbows.


Work them first on both back and shoulder day with bent over flyes, 20-10 reps, moderate weight.


I thought I was the only one doing shoulders the mountain dog way.....




Do what ebomb said. JM's material on delts and really all workouts are great.


This will almost certainly not target the rear delts at all. The traps and rhomboids will do the huge marjority of this lift.


What has worked well for me (I know not good in the avatar, but they've come up since) is really focusing on the contraction and doing higher reps (12-16). I don't think you should go heavy unless you've already established the muscle group because at that point you'd most likely be recruiting other body parts to do the brunt of the work.

What worked well for me is doing 5 sets of standing/5 sets of seated incline (facing away from the bench) towards the end of my shoulder workout. If you still have issues with them do em at the start.


Facing away from the bench?


I just grab the dumbbells normally though. Err fuck, what I said was retarded facing towards the bench Hurr Durr.