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Rear Delts Sore

I have been lifting off and on for 10 years mostly in my bicycling off season. I thought I was familiar with everything in the fitness world until I came here. I have done alot of things wrong.

Well to get the point I have changed the way I was performing my reps to something I read on the time in performing a rep. To slow it down to a 2 sec and 4 sec return. Yesterday I worked back and Bi’s. I woke this morning with sore rear delts. Now did I perform this routine with the wrong form or is this part of it. My delts are my weakest point and they are never sore no matter how hard I hit them.

YOu didn’t even tell us what you did in your workout.

I guess that would help.
Wide grip pull downs 3x6-8
closegrip cable rows 3x6-8
bentover dumbell rows 4x8-10
reverse close grip pull downs 3 x 8

It might not be your rear delts that are sore. Since all of those exercises cause rotation around the shoulder joint, it could be your rotator cuff, teres or some other small muscles there. I know whenever I start my bench routine with incline barbell, my left rear delt area hurts. It’s weird, because I can start with any other bench exercise and have no pain. Maybe we’re just weird :slight_smile:

The exercises you mention heavily involve your rear delts. Keep doing those and they won’t be a weak point for much longer.

Anyway, the answer to your question is this: You slowed down your eccentric movement, thereby increasing your time under tension and the amount of muscular ‘damage’ incurred with each rep.

I think the wide-grip pulling is the reason your rear delts are sore, in particular. Wide-grip stuff tends to remove emphasis from the lats and put more of it on the rear delts.

how did you have your palms positioned on the dbell pulls? I do those sometimes specifically FOR rear delts, and they do hit them pretty hard regardless. I’m thinking if you had your motion hitting higher up towards your chest than usual you could’ve hit the delts harder.

I wouldn’t call myself a training guru, but I know that those exercises all use the rear-delts to some extent since you are pulling. I may be wrong though but I figured I’d give it a shot. :wink:

Thanx for all the replies. I am glad it was not my form that was bad. U peps really know ur stuff. I am glad I found this place.