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Rear Delts on Back Day?


Just a question about working out the rear delts. Do any of you guys do them on back day? Cause I can't do rear delts then do a back workout for a couple of days. Am I not hitting the rear delts properly? Because it really does feel like when doing rear delts doing it on back day is ideal.


I do my rear delts on back day and shoulder day. I kinda neglected them for a while then decided to hit them twice a weak. So far they have responded well....


I do rear delts on back day. 2 lat moves, 2 upper back moves, 2 rear delt moves. Working good.


If you have problems with another split switch it up, it's a good setup and many people who actually train use it.


Yates always did his rear delts on Back day,.. seemed to work okay for him.



I picked it up from a friend on a different website, doing rear delts on back day. I'll also do front/lateral on my chest day.

Works quite nicely for me.


Yep, looks like it's working very well for you, King.


Yes......with back.


Id question something else if your rear delt work is causing such major recovery problem that you cant train back for that long afterwards.

Are you actually targeting your rear delts? Its impossible to avoid hitting the traps and rhomboids, but your back being so fatigued from some facepulls or reverse pec deck is a problem.


I do them at the end of my back routine.