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Rear Delts and Popping Sound/Feeling


For some reason lately whenever I do Rear Delts with Pec Deck( i forgot what the name is the exercise lol) I have been hearing/feeling popping in my left shoulder. It doesn't hurt but dam it just feels really weird during every rep it makes a popping sound.

Anybody experience this?


I've had that sensation. Couldn't do much about it. It went away after a bit of time.


I'm having same issue. There's no pain, just a snapping noise and feeling. Funny thing is, it dosen't happen when I OHP, but happens every other time during the day while doing basic movements. It's driving my crazy. It started two months when I decided to go really heavy with low reps for OHP. I stopped OHP and tried using just dumbbells. When that didn't work I stop all pressing and just did some rear db rasies and facepulls, but it's still there.

I'M really hoping BBB will chime in here!