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Rear Deltoid Exercises

What are the best exercises for the rear deltoid/ shoulder?

I got good results with using the cable cross machine at my gym doing standing rear raises, also called scare crows. The resistance is smooth and easy and hit the muscle I wanted to work directly. Other moves you could do are dumbell rows or seated cable rows.

This is probably the only time I’d recommend a machine, but the pec dec/ rear deal machine is a good idea because a lot of people mess of the range of motion on this movement. You can do those or rear lateral raises while laying face down on an incline bench. Extenal rotations and face pulls on a cable station work well too.

[quote]phantom88 wrote:
What are the best exercises for the rear deltoid/ shoulder?[/quote]

heavy one arm db rows

horizontal cable rows with the long pulldown bar attachement and a wide grip

Compound exercises like deadlifts, bent over and t-bar rows.

Isolation exercises like standing bent over lateral raises, prone bent over lateral raises, reverse pec deck and scarecrows. You can change your palm orientation around for a different feel (pronated, neutral).

also band pull aparts they are NICE finish up with them.

Face pulls are good, too. You can find them on elitefts.com in the q&a.


Bent over barbell rows to the neck, or seated cable rows to the neck with elbows flared.

Inverted rows.