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Rear Delt Raise Shoulder Position?

I am doing them bent over just about parallel with the floor, bringing arms out to almost parallel with the floor and stopping them at the bottom right outside my knees to keep them under tension.

My question is, where do you keep your shoulders during this? I am keeping my scapulas down and back and squeezing at the top. Is this correct?

Also, what am I working if I am in the same position but bring my arms up BEHIND me, almost like I’m skiing and pushing off if that makes sense. I get a good pump but it almost feels like it’s in my lower traps/ “yoke” (heard that word on here to describe upper back right below traps) area.

I keep my scapula/back pretty loose and stretched out most of the time and focus and just moving my shoulders, that seems to activate my rear delts the most. I also do some weird pull/raise/external rotation at the same time to really get a good squeeze. When I try and tighten up my back I start to feel those muscles more. Just do whatever helps you get that mind-muscle connection down, try it a couple different ways if you have to.


Thanks for the reply man. I’m having a hard time making the mind muscle connection. I can’t really tell what’s activating back there.

Watch that and give that a try.
That’s basically what I do and it helped a lot.
Also, don’t go to crazy with the weight, you don’t need very much, I rarely go above 15 pounds.

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I’ll definitely check it out! As for the weight, my working weight for rear and lateral raises is 10 pound dumbbells. If I’m feeling really lubed up I’ll do ONE set with 15’s, but that’s it.