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Rear Delt Injury from Chin-Ups

Today I was doing 3x8 of weighted chin-ups with a 45 pound kettlebell chained to my waist, and on about my 3rd rep of my first set I feel a huge strain on my rear delt and cannot complete the set or any other sets, has anyone else have a similar experience with this? I’ve been doing this every Sunday for months now, dont know what I did wrong this time

I think my shoulder might have popped out of socket for a second, I’m doing face pulls with no problems, I only experience pain when I internally rotate my arm

When you say chins, what do you mean in terms of hand placement? I know in the US we generally mean supinated hands but I know in the UK it’s just any type of pull-ups. Overhand Grip wide pull-ups can be disastrous for the shoulder girdle for some people. If you’re dead hanging with weight that can also be tough. Switch to light Pulldowns for the time being, keep lots of band pullaparts and face pulls in your routine, monitor your pain and strength levels, and see a doctor if the issue does not resolve itself soon. From there you will likely have to have an X-ray, then possibly an MRI to identify the damage. Minor pain is one thing, but do not crowdsource the internet for true injuries, especially those involving something as tricky as the shoulder. Good luck.