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Rear Delt development

What are the best exercises (sets and reps) for rear delt development. This is a hard body part for me to get cut.

If you want to get your rear delts “cut”, then the only applicable exercises are: (1) pushing yourself away from the table and (2) cardio.

The best exercises for rear delts are really
compound back movements: heavy rowing.

For example, the Yates Row (try a search

Yates row

in the subject box, and click on “subject”

which works fine for rear delts as is, but
if you row to a higher point than the waistband does focus on the rear delts more (but I don’t recommend this.)

Also, rowing movements such as the Hammer Strength Iso Row, Hammer Strength Row, etc. They also have a dedicated rear delt machine which works well but the focus should be the compound, heavy rowing movements.

Rear delt flys, a lightweight foo-foo exercise, in my opinion are a waste of time.

Hope this helps!

Rows, deadlifts, chins, overhead presses, rear delt raises and shrugs all contribute to the rear delts.

reverse pull backs either on peck deck machine or single arm using a low pulley. could also do high rows as secondary excersises. laters pk

Stay away from the bent over raises. They don’t do shit. My personal fav is hang cleans but any kind of row should do.