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Reaping the Rewards


what are some of the benefits you see as a result of lifting/being big?

for me, i can walk in front of traffic and no one beeps or says anything to me. btw, i live in Boston.


Accomplishing shit feels good. Even if it is only one more rep, it feels great.

And then two weeks later you feel like a tool for being amped up about it, because you are working on something bigger.

So... Progressive Accomplishment I guess.


One of the things I've noticed and I really like is people seem to automatically have a level of hidden respect for you. I get a lot of "sirs" and stuff from people older than me or just in general people who wouldn't look like they'd call me that.

Also, I used to be a 120 lb little chump who got fucked with all the time. I haven't even had someone get close to fighting me in a while now, its nice not having to deal with that drama.

Also just having more self confidence...in all aspects of my life.


I like the feeling of achieving my goals, when people said I'd fail or couldn't attain them.


People assume I kick ass...Im 6'4 240 all muscle..itcomes in handy, not many people start shit with ya


Definitely a valid reason to start lifting, since you know a 220lb person will stop a 1tonne car dead in its tracks and all.

My main benefit has been self confidence and generally feeling better about myself which in turn improves all areas of a persons life(and it has).


what i mean is you know those awkward situations where someone is pulling out (thats what she said) but you're walking in front of them, basically cutting people off pedestrian style. i can do that and I KNOW people WANT to say something because over here people fucking peel out at a green light and honk at you if you don't BUT they don't say shit.


I don't get into too many conflicts. I feel a good amount of self confidence because I am stronger than the majority of this earth's population. It's also nice having your friends come home from college and your 30-40 pounds heavier and really a different person, I love the compliments.


It gives me a clearer focus on achieving goals in other aspects of life than bodybuilding.


Every year after high school everyone of my best friends gets fatter where I just keep getting better.


Lucky bastard :wink:


The best benefit to me is health, quality of life, and longevity. Also, I agree with the comments on self-confidence. It's nice being able to say that you are in the best physical shape of your life.


When I stared in the mirror after a heavy ass fuck back day and saw that I look like my avatar. Being the bigger not fat guy at any bar, club, lounge will always guarantee you some action if you play your cards right. The bigger man will always top the tiny 160lb soyboy wearing Fitchy.


eh....me not so much


I'm not exactly big just yet, but getting up early in the morning five days a week, lifting to a routine, seeing gains, and never straying from your diet (even when the temptation is at an all-time high) and being called "weird" by people for your habits feels great, because I just feel..different.

And my boss at work loves talking to me about lifting because he used to be an MVP rugby player in highschool and college, and I can tell that he sees me more as an employee now that he sees that a teenager that he works with is more interested in keeping himself healthy than wasting their days away drinking after work.

It also feels great seeing old family and shocking them with how much fat I lost.


I'm not even that big yet, but with the current "in" thing being skinny metro in a pink t-shirt, I'm more often than not the "big guy."

Gotta love the skinny little runts, they're making us look good :wink:

I just have to stear clear of the beach when I'm bulking, and it's all good :stuck_out_tongue:


It's not the size with me, mainly because I'm not massive. Saying that I've put on about 50lbs of muscle over the last couple of years and people I used to know now look at me differently.

With me it's the strength. A while ago a friend of mine had a BBQ and one of his friends brought her young son along. She's rather small and hasn't been able to lift him in ages, whereas I spent a lot of the BBQ being used as a climbing frame and pressing him over head one handed.

It's also being asked to help out friends with things. I'm now viewed as the strong guy who gets asked to help people out, and dammit, I like it.


Tell me about it shit. Even though this chick I'm talking to likes that look its kinda tough. Damn skippy they makes us look good. I could fully dress a 5'5, 150lb, soyboy weenie with my XL "Ford Tough" tee lol


I don't know. I think it affects me on a whole different level than most. It's one thing to go from skinny to big, but to go from fucking huge-fat to having decent muscle is fun.

Instead of walking in the room, knowing everyone is looking at me wondering if I'll fit in the disk because of my stomach size, it's nice to walk in the room, and know everyone is looking at me because they're wondering if I can nudge myself in between the two people because of my shoulder size.